2018 2nd Round

#TeamPlayerPos.Updated 6/21/18 7:00pm ESTComp.
Troy BrownSGHT: 6-6 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Oregon
A big guard with a lot of play-making ability but who is a bit heavy-footed and lacks top end explosion. Has excellent length, good scoring ability and a lot of upside as a defender.
Morris Peterson
Josh Okogie
HT: 6-4 1/2- WT: 213 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Georgia Tech
A strong athlete who has nice length and impacts both ends of the floor. Unrefined but with intriguing upside.
Dion Glover
Rawle AlkinsSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 225 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: Arizona
An aggressive scorer and play-maker who is built like a bull and can really handle the ball. Isn’t a natural shooter but has developed his range. Is getting a lot of buzz as the draft approaches.
Chris Mills

34MavericksMoritz WagnerPFHT: 6-11 1/2 – WT: 235 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Michigan
A versatile forward/center with a smooth offensive game but lacking defense and rebounding. His shooting ability and good coordination give him a lot of promise as a scorer.
Ersan Ilyasova
35MagicMitchell RobinsonCHT: 7-0 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-4 – FROM: USA
Robinson is a bit of mystery man, as he trains for the NBA draft outside of the spotlight. He’s got the raw ability of a lottery pick but does he have the intangibles, maturity and BBIQ to make it in the League? Robinson may need a few years to develop but he’s a high upside prospect with NBA center size.
Whiteside, Bynum
Khyri ThomasSGHT: 6-3 3/4 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – FROM: Creighton
Combo guard who’s a high level athlete and aggressive defender. Has a lot of length and brings a ton of energy on defense. Has become a good three point shooter with some upside as a scorer.
Avery Bradley
Knicks (from Bulls)
Keita Bates-DiopSFHT: 6-8 1/2 – WT: 223 – WING: 7-3 1/4 – FROM: Ohio State
KBD has shown steady improvement in all aspects of the game, becoming an efficient scorer and solid defender. Has nice length for size. Projects as a solid role player at the next level.
James Posey
76ers (from Nets)
Rodions KurucsSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 200 – WING: NA – FROM: Latvia
A wiry 6-9 SF who can really shoot the ball from deep. Projects as a floor spacing wing with some upside off the bounce. Draft and stash candidate for the Sixers.
poor man’s Hezonja

Lakers (from 76ers)
Jevon CarterPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-4 1/4 – FROM: West Virginia
Tough PG who is a great leader on the court. A defensive menace who changes the game with his ball-hawk abilities.

Nets (from Lakers)
Bruce BrownSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-9 – FROM: Miami
A dynamic scorer, Brown has great length for position and can rebound, defend and pass the rock as well.
Vonteego Cummings

41Magic (from Hornets)Isaac BongaSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Germany
A 6-9 combo guard/wing who is has great physical tools but a long way to go to be NBA ready. One of the youngest players in the draft.
taller John Salmons

Jarred VanderbiltSFHT: 6-8 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-1 – FROM: Kentucky
A rugged, defensive-minded PF who is a high level rebounder and great glue guy but struggles to score the ball. Has tremendous feel for the game, which allows him to impact the offensive end of the court without having to shoot the ball. A potential sleeper.
Thad Young

43Nuggets (from Clippers)De’Anthony MeltonSGHT: 6-3 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: USC
A high level defender and good all around player.
Royal Ivey

Landry ShametSGHT: 6-4 – WT: 188 – WING: 6-6 3/4 – FROM: Wichita State
Combo guard who can stroke it from 3, has a nice mid range game and enough length to guard both guard positions.
Doug Christie
Rockets (from Heat)
Kevin Hervey
HT: 6-8 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-3 – FROM: UT Arlington
A versatile forward with excellent athleticism, who can score inside and out.

Nets (from Bucks)
Trevon DuvalPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 186 – WING: 6-9 – FROM: Duke
High level athlete who does a nice job of getting into the lane and has a lot of bounce to the rim. A talented play-maker who excels at finding his teammates but is inconsistent shooting the rock.
Jay Williams
Lakers (from Nuggets)
Kenrich WilliamsSFHT: 6-7 – WT: 200 – WING: NA – FROM: TCU
Does a little bit of everything on the floor and is a solid all around player who lacks a standout skill and has limited upside to his game.

48T-WolvesChimezie MetuPFHT: 6-10 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-0 1/2 – FROM: USC
A great athlete for his size who can play above the rim and throw down some nasty dunks. Raw but with a lot of natural talent.
Damian Jones
Ray SpauldingPFHT: 6-10 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-4 3/4 – FROM: Louisville
Has shown steady improvement and has NBA size/athleticism but could use another year of development.
Ken Johnson
Tony Carr
HT: 6-4 1/2 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-8 1/4 – FROM: Penn State
PG with good size and a much improved three point shot. Isn’t a big time athlete but plays with smarts and good court vision.
Hamidou DialloSGHT: 6-6 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Kentucky
An elite level athlete with a ton of bounce and great length, Diallo has all the tools to be special but will need time to develop.
Ricky Davis
Bonzie ColsonSFHT: 6-5 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Notre Dame
A second foot injury really hurts his draft stock. Hopefully he gets healthy and reaches his potential as a solid NBA player but for now he’ll likely fall to late second round or un-drafted.
poor man’s Draymond
53PacersKostas AntetokounmpoPFHT: 6-10 1/2 – WT: 195 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: Dayton
The younger Greek Freak has awesome length and a versatile game but a long way to go. At this point he’s all about upside but lacks consistent production. Could be worth a flyer at the end of the draft.
Darius Miles, Bruno Coboclo
54Mavs (from Blazers)Arnoldas KulbokaSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Lithuania
A perimeter oriented player who has a smooth three point shot with good range. Runs the floor well, can plays some point-forward and is a solid athlete.
poor man’s Mike Dunleavy

Hornets (from Cavs)
Issuf SanonSGHT: 6-4 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: Ukraine
A combo guard with good strength and an aggressive style of play.

Gary Clark
HT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: NA – FROM: Cincinnati
A well rounded senior forward who doesn’t have one standout skill but is just a good ball player. Has the versatility that teams love and he’s adding the three point shot.
57Thunder (from Celtics)Theo PinsonSFHT: 6-6 3/4 – WT: 211 – WING: 6-10 3/4 – FROM: UNC
A defensive menace and glue guy who has NBA athleticism but struggles to score the ball. Has developed really nice court vision and become somewhat of a point forward type, who does all the dirty work and plays a team game.
Tony Allen
Nuggets (from Warriors)
Brandon McCoyCHT: 7-0 – WT: 250 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: UNLV
McCoy is a massive center who has ideal NBA size but is more of an old school big. He’s unpolished and lacks consistency but the talent is definitely there.
Bynum lite
59Suns (from Raptors)Devonte’ GrahamPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-6 1/4 – FROM: Kansas
A gamer who shoots the three ball well and is an aggressive driver. Doesn’t have high end athleticism but plays with toughness and leadership qualities.
Norris Cole
76ers (from Rockets)
Alize JohnsonPFHT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-8 3/4 – FROM: Missouri St.
Shows flashes but lacks consistency. Could develop into a rotation guy in the NBA if his outside shot improves.
On the Bubble

LiAngelo BallSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 230 – WING: NA – FROM: USA
The middle Ball brother is a high scoring wing who loves to shoot the 3. He’s an underwhelming athlete who comes with a ton of baggage and is not likely to get drafted.

Allonzo Trier
HT: 6-5 – WT: 235 – WING: 6-7 – FROM: USA
A scoring guard who attacks the rim and is a constant threat to put the ball in the bucket.
Norman Powell

Justin JacksonSFHT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-3 – FROM: Maryland
A well built athlete with really good length and an improved three point shot.

Shake MiltonPGHT: 6-5 1/2 – WT: 205 – WING: 7-0 1/2 – FROM: SMU
A big combo guard with great length for size. Has shown steady improvement each year and plays an efficient game.
Delon Wright

Svi Mykhailiuk
HT: 6-8 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-7 – FROM: Kansas
Has shown steady improvement over the years and is rounding out his game, with better passing and decision making to go along with a nice shooting stroke. Has average athleticism and a minus wingspan.
Casey Jacobson

Angel DelgadoPFHT: 6-10 – WT: 245 – WING: NA – FROM: Seton Hall
A big, powerful center who is a high level rebounder and can score in the paint but isn’t a big time defender and might not fit in today’s NBA.
Kyle O’Quinn

Isaac HassCHT: 7-3 – WT: 290 – WING: 7-5 – FROM: Iowa
A massive space eater who could be a situational big off the bench.
Yante MatenPFHT: 6-8 1/2- WT: 240 – WING: 7-0 1/2- FROM: Georgia
A talented senior forward who brings it every night and can really score the ball. Has great leadership qualities.
Billy PrestonPFHT: 6-10 1/2- WT: 222 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: Kansas
Long, quick forward who can score the ball from the post or the mid range.
Billy Owens

Malik NewmanSG
HT: 6-3 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-5 1/2 – FROM: Kansas
A sniper from deep and an aggressive slasher who can get buckets but lacks size for the SG position.
Trevon BluiettSGHT: 6-6 – WT: 198 – WING: NA – FROM: Xavier
A lethal three point shooter and good all around scorer who lacks strength and isn’t a big time athlete. If his three point shooting translates he could stick in the League.
Royal Ivey

Ajdin PenavaPFHT: 6-9 – WT: 215 – WING: NA – FROM: Marshall
An interesting prospect – can block shots at a high level and can also step out and hit the 3.

Kelan MartinSFHT: 6-6 – WT: 230 – WING: NA – FROM: Butler
Senior combo forward with a lot of strength. Can hit the three point shot. 1 on 1 interview

Devon HallSG
HT: 6-5 – WT: 210 – WING: NA – FROM: Virginia
A solid 3 and D type of player who doesn’t do any one thing great but shoots the rock at a nice clip and plays the type of game you’d expect from a Cavalier.
Tyler DavisCHT: 6-10 – WT: 266 – WING: NA – FROM: Texas A&M
A powerful post player who bangs for position and makes his presence felt in the lane.

DJ Hogg
HT: 6-8 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-9 – FROM: Texas A&M
Long and lean player with a high skill level and a smooth game.

Rob GrayPGHT: 6-1 – WT: 185 – WING: NA – FROM: Houston
A scoring guard who will have to refine his point guard skills to make it in the League. An older prospect who’s a gamer but has limited upside.
Jo Lual-Acuil Jr.CHT: 7-0 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-3 – FROM: Baylor
A super long shot blocker who is showing rapid improvement and has intriguing upside. Has excellent coordination for a 7-footer, with NBA skills as a shot blocker and rebounder.
Sam Dalembert