Isaac Bonga NBA Draft Scouting Report





 SF 6-9 180 Germany



  Standing Reach


 11/8/996-11 3/48-10 1/2 NA

A tall and talented wing who plays a versatile game and can play multiple positions. Bonga is a terrific passer and ball handler for a big guard who has great court vision and the athleticism to get into the lane.

A smooth athlete in transition, Bonga is crafty with the dribble and shows point guard skills in a 6-9 frame. His court vision and passing ability are advanced for a young player. He can handle the ball well with both hands and shows a variety of creative dribbles including an inside out dribble, crossover and a lethal hesitation. He can operate the pick and roll, making quick moves to the rim or finding the diving big.

His height allows him to see over the defense and he does a great job of passing to the open spot and setting his teammates up to score.

His physical gifts are impressive and he looks the part of an NBA player with a long 6-9 frame and excellent quickness and coordination. The way he moves at that size brings up memories of seeing Giannis play in Greece.

Bonga is a pesky perimeter defender who harasses the ball-handler with his long arms and quick feet. He does a good job of diving in to help defend the post and can recover quickly to the shooter. He has really good court awareness, and this really shows with his excellent defensive positioning and his ability to rotate on help D.

His outside shooting is still a work in progress.

Can overdrive the ball and needs to continue to learn the game and learn to play under control.

Is thin and light and needs to bulk up and put in a lot of work on his body to be NBA ready.

Is an excellent athlete but not explosive vertically.

Nicolas Batum. A taller Iguodala.

Projection: mid to late first round pick in the 2018 or 2019 NBA Draft

by NBA Draft Room