2024 NBA Draft Results And Instant Analysis

Full results and instant analysis for all the 2024 NBA Draft picks. Follow along during the draft for the latest.

#TeamPlayerInstant Analysis 6/26/24
1HawksZaccharie Risacher SF – JL Bourg (France) – HT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – Int.05 – The Hawks add the versatile French forward with the no.1 pick. Risacher probably isn’t a franchise changing player but he does have high upside, a high floor and will bring standout defense, 3pt shooting and a nice all around game to ATL. The Hawks don’t control their own draft picks the next two seasons and so will be all-in on winning games next year, and Risacher will help. They considered Clingan and Sheppard here but in the end, go with Risacher.
2WizardsAlexandre SarrC – Perth Wildcats, NBL (France) – HT: 7-1 – WT: 224 – WING: 7-4 1/4 – Int.05 – The Wizards get their guy! Sarr is a special talent, an elite athlete for a 7-1 player and oozing with upside. He can guard all over the court and will form a scary defensive duo with fellow Frenchman Bilal Coulibaly. Sarr shows a lot of offensive promise but some of it is still theoretical. If his outside shot comes along he’ll be a scary all around player. He’ll take some time to develop but he’s a mesmerizing athlete and will be a joy to watch as his game comes together.
3Rockets Reed Sheppard SGKentucky – HT: 6-3 – WT: 182 – WING: 6-3 1/4 – Fr – The Rockets entertained many trade offers but chose to stay put at no.3 and select the sweet-shooting guard from Kentucky. Sheppard isn’t an overwhelming athlete but has a skill level and feel for the game that are off the charts. He shot 52% from 3pt land during his freshman season, an insane number. I’ve been slightly lower on Sheppard but the fit here is outstanding and he’ll be a great compliment to FVV, Jalen Green, Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore in the backcourt/wing.
4Spurs Stephon Castle SG – UConn – HT: 6-7 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-9 – Fr – The up-and-coming Spurs add an elite defender and promising all around talent to the roster in big guard Stephon Castle. He gives great effort on the defensive end and doesn’t take possessions off, and is sure to be a favorite of Coach Pop. If his 3pt shot continues to develop the sky is the limit for him. He could be an All-NBA defender before too long and a key piece to the Spurs future. He’s got emerging point guard skills and will only improve in his ability to create offense for others.
5PistonsRon Holland SF – G League Ignite – HT: 6-7 – WT: 196 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – Fr – The Pistons keep the pick, despite numerous trade offers, and go with Ron Holland, the aggressive and athletic wing. He’ll have to improve his shooting and decision making but he’s loaded with upside ability. Ron was mocked lower in many mocks, including mine, but I get the appeal. The Pistons lack shooting and will have to figure that out in free agency.
6Hornets Tidjane Salaun PF – Cholet, France – HT: 6-10 – WT: 205 – WING: 7-2 – Int.05 – The Hornets swing for the upside with super-intriguing French forward Tidjane Salaun. He’s an imposing athlete with a unique combination of size, mobility, shooting touch and driving ability. There were more NBA-ready options on the board but the draft is about upside and Salaun has as much of that as any player in this draft class. I’ve been very high on Salaun since last year and I love this pick.
7Blazers Donovan Clingan C – UConn – HT: 7-3 – WT: 282 – WING: 7-6 3/4 – So – The Blazers land their prize without having to trade up and now have an awesome defensive anchor, which will help take this team to the next level. Clingan is a great fit with the young guards/wings. They’ll benefit from his great screen-setting and rim finishing and he’ll benefit from all of the offensive attention that Scoot, Shaedon and company demand. Along with the trade for Deni Avdija the Blazers are starting to look really good. More on the Blazers drafting Clingan
8T-Wolves (Raptors) Robert Dillingham PG – Kentucky – HT: 6-2 – WT: 164 – WING: 6-3 – Fr – The Spurs draft Dillingham and turn around and trade him to the Timberwolves. Wow! The Wolves are serious about getting to the next level and add a dynamic and electric guard who can score in bunches.
9Grizzlies Zach Edey  C – Purdue (Canada) – HT: 7-5 – WT: 299 – WING: 7-10 3/4 – Sr – The Grizzlies showed interest in trading up for Clingan but stay put and draft the massive Zach Edey. He’ll anchor the middle for the team, allowing JJJ to play in space. Edey is a great fit here and should be very productive from day one.
10JazzCody Williams    SF – Colorado – HT: 6-8 – WT: 178 – WING: 7-1 – Fr – The Jazz go with the upside 6-8 wing Cody Williams, giving them a unique talent to develop. I had Williams mocked no.1 at one point this season and if he wasn’t slowed by injuries he might have gone higher than this. Great pick for the Jazz.
11BullsMatas Buzelis  SF – G League Ignite – HT: 6-10 – WT: 197 – WING: 6-10 – USA04 – Buzelis falls to no.11 and the Bulls get a good one. The Illinois native is not nearly a polished product but has unique athleticism for his size and great basketball instincts. He’s a versatile and talented defender who covers a lot of ground. If his outside shot comes along this pick could be a steal.
12Thunder (Rockets) Nikola Topic PG – Serbia – HT: 6-6 – WT: 201 – WING: 6-5 1/2 – Int.05 The Thunder can afford to wait for Topic to get healthy and then they’ll have another dynamic guard and elite play-maker on the team. He’s not the most athletic player but is incredibly crafty with the ball and is just an awesome passer. He’s a very good finisher around the rim but will have to improve his outside shot.
13Kings Devin Carter SG – Providence – HT: 6-3 – WT: 193 – WING: 6-8 1/4 – Jr – Carter is a perfect fit for the Kings, bringing aggressive and versatile defense and a ton of intensity to the court. He’ll help them in their push to make noise in the Western Conference next season. He’s awesome in transition, rebounds the heck out of the ball and is an emerging offensive player. I’m a little surprised he lasted this long in the draft.
14Wizards (Warriors) Carlton “Bub” Carrington PG – Pittsburgh – HT: 6-5 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – Fr – The big rise of Bub Carrington culminates in landing in the lottery to the Wizards. He’s just what the team needs, a young point guard who can score and initiate the offense. After trading away Deni Avdija the Wizards are in full rebuild mode and add a nice young piece in Carrington.
15Heat Kel’el Ware C – Indiana – HT: 7-0 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-4 1/2 – So – The one knock on Ware was that he didn’t always play with the right intensity; that won’t be a problem in Miami. He’s a hugely talented center with high end athleticism, great shot blocking and a nice offensive skill level.
1676ersJared McCain   SG – Duke – HT: 6-3 – WT: 203 – WING: 6-3 1/2 – Fr McCain is an elite 3pt shooter who came on very strong over the second half of the season. He’s a good but not great athlete with high basketball IQ, good decision making and that elite shooting. He’ll have to develop his rim finishing and clean up some things defensively. He’s also one of the most fun and interesting personalities in the draft. In other news, the Dalton Knecht fall continues. More on McCain to the 76ers
17LakersDalton Knecht  SG – Tennessee – HT: 6-6 – WT: 212 – WING: 6-9 – Sr – I would never have believed Knecht would fall to no.17. He’s a special talent with elite scoring ability. The Lakers get a very NBA-ready player who can really space the floor and knockdown shots. He’s not a great defender but his offensive talents give him a lot of value. Great pick.
18MagicTristan da Silva  PF – Colorado (Germany) – HT: 6-9 – WT: 217 – WING: 6-10 1/4 – Sr. – The Magic get a very heady, mature and NBA-ready player who can really score the ball, makes great decisions and does a bit of everything on the court. He hits the 3-ball at a high level and has shown a much improved dribble-drive game. Awesome pick for the Magic, getting a win-now player.
19Raptors (Pacers)Ja’Kobe Walter   SG – Baylor – HT: 6-5 – WT: 198 – WING: 6-10 – Fr – Walter was thought of as a top 10 pick for much of the early part of the season and he’s got all of the upside and talent to warrant that grade. He’s a special 3pt shooter with a beautiful release. He’s got work to do improving his defense and his offensive creation but at this point in the draft he’s a great value. I wouldn’t be surprised if he outplays this draft position.
20CavsJaylon Tyson  SF – California – HT: 6-7 – WT: 218 – WING: 6-8 – Jr. – A skilled wing who can really score the ball. I had him rated a bit lower but this fits what the Cavs need and is a good fit for them. If he can sure-up his defense he’ll have a long career.
21Pelicans (Bucks)Yves Missi  C – Baylor (Cameroon) – HT: 6-11 – WT: 229 – WING: 7-2 – Fr – This is a steal. Missi is just scratching the surface of his potential. He’s going to take some time but his upside is tantalizing. He’s a very high level athlete and plays with intensity and is a very versatile defender. When we look back at this draft in 5 or 8 years this will look like a great selection by the Pelicans. More on Missi to the Pelicans
22Nuggets DaRon Holmes II PFDayton – HT: 6-9 – WT: 236 – WING: 7-1 – Jr – The Nuggets trade up from no.28 to get their guy in DaRon Holmes II. He’s a fundamentally sound all around big man who can rebound, defend, sets good screens and can shoot the rock. He’ll help the Nuggets handle the up-and-coming Timberwolves and some of the other bigger Western Conference teams.
23Bucks (Pelicans) AJ Johnson PG – Illiwara Hawks (USA) – HT: 6-5 – WT: 167 – WING: 6-8 1/2 – Int.04 Awesome upside swing for the Bucks. Yes, they could have gone with a win-now player but Johnson has a ton of upside and could end up looking like a wise selection here in the mid twenties. If he had played at Texas instead of going to the NBL he might have been selected higher. I love this pick long-term. More on Johnson to the Bucks
24Wizards (Mavs) Kyshawn George SG – Miami (Switzerland) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 206 – WING: 6-10 1/4 – Fr– The Wizards move up a few spots to select George, a very intriguing wing player with awesome size and a great 3pt shot. He’s got some play-making chops, is a versatile defenders with quick hands and has a ton of upside to grow into. The Wizards are having a nice night with Sarr, Carrington and George. Really nice draft for them. More on George to the Wizards
25Knicks Pacome Dadiet  SF – Ratiopharm Ulm (France) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-9 – Int.05 – We all thought the Knicks would go with a more win-now type of player but Dadiet is an awesome selection here at no.25. He’s a very polished and talented player for an 18yo and has a ton of upside. Causal fans might not like this pick but it’s an awesome selection and a great value at this point in the draft. More on Dadiet to the Knicks
26Thunder (Clippers)Dillon Jones  SF – Weber State – HT: 6-6 – WT: 237 – WING: 6-11 – Jr – The Thunder trade for this pick and select the wide-bodied guard from Weber State. I had Jones rated as a mid second round pick but I like the fit with the Thunder. Sam Presti tends to make the right move and so we’ll see how this plays out.
27T-WolvesTerrence Shannon Jr.   SF – Illinois – HT: 6-5 1/2 – WT: 219 – WING: 6-8 3/4 Sr – The Wolves get a talented shot-maker and rim finisher who could provide some minutes early on. He’s a great open court athlete who runs the floor hard and can really play above the rim.
28Suns Ryan Dunn SF – Virginia – HT: 6-7 – WT: 214 – WING: 7-1 1/2 – So – The best defender in the draft goes to the Suns where he can focus on defense and play his role next to the Suns stars. This is a nice fit for the team and for Dunn, allowing him to do what he does best without needed to worry much about scoring the ball.
29Jazz (Thunder)Isaiah Collier  PG – USC – HT: 6-3 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-4 3/4 – Fr – The former top overall recruit slides to no.29 and goes to a good situation in Utah to play along Keyonte George. This is great value for the Jazz, even if his shot doesn’t fully come around. Whether it’s starting or coming off the bench he should play meaningful minutes for the Jazz next season.
30CelticsBaylor Scheierman  SG – Creighton – HT: 6-6 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-8 1/4 – Sr – This pick seemed to be written in the stars. Scheierman is a perfect fit on the Celtics with his versatile and aggressive game. He’s a very good 3pt shooter, gives great effort on defense and is an awesome rebounder for a guard. More on Scheierman to the Celtics
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> My Favorite Non-Lottery Picks From The First Round <
#TeamPlayerInstant Analysis 6/27/24
31RaptorsJonathan MogboPF – San Francisco – HT: 6-7 – WT: 217 – WING: 7-2 – Jr – Mogbo is a very unique player with awesome versatility. He’s not the biggest forward but has great length, dunks everything around the rim and is a high level athlete. He’s also a solid ball handler in the open court with very good passing vision and instincts. He fits the mold of what the Raptors like and should be really fun to watch in Toronto.
32Jazz Kyle Filipowski PF – Duke – HT: 7-0 – WT: 230 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – So – Flip is finally off the board and lands in a good situation in Utah. If the Jazz keep Lauri, he’ll be a great mentor for Kyle. It’s rare to find a 7-footer with his combination of ball handling and mobility. And I think he’ll shoot it at the next level. The shot looks good, just needs to be more consistent.
33Bucks Tyler Smith PFG League Ignite – HT: 6-10 – WT: 224 – WING: 7-1 – Another upside pick for the Bucks, Smith is a smooth-shooting big forward with good vertical pop and straight-line athleticism. He’s 3pt shooting is his primary NBA skill at this point in his development but he should round out his game and improve his defense in time. I would have thought the Bucks would draft more NBA-ready players but you can’t argue with the upside of their two picks.
34Knicks Tyler Kolek PG – Marquette – HT: 6-3 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-2 3/4 – Jr – Kolek is a steal here, plain and simple. He doesn’t have the measureables you look for but he’s got ELITE feel for the game and awesome competitive fire. The Knicks got exactly what they need; high level point guard depth and a player who can come in right away and provide valuable backup minutes.
35PacersJohnny Furphy   SG – Kansas (Australia) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 202 – WING: 6-8 – Fr – A great value pick here for the Pacers. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Furphy was drafted in the top 20. But he slides to the early second round and joins an up and coming Pacers team.
36Spurs Juan Nunez PG – Ratiopharm Ulm (Spain) – HT: 6-3 – WT: NA – WING: NA – Int.04 – One of the better passers in the draft, Nunez has elite feel, change of direction and excels at running an offense. He doesn’t shoot the ball very well but he projects as a solid back up lead guard.
37Pistons Bobi Klintman  PF – Cairns, NBL (Sweden) – HT: 6-10 – WT: 225 – WING: NA – Int03 – I’m a big Bobi Klintman fan. Big forwards with his combination of mobility, passing and shooting ability are hard to find. If he had stayed at Wake Forest I think he could have been a first round pick. He’s got the talent.
38Thunder Ajay Mitchell SG – UC Santa Barbara (Belgium) – HT: 6-5 – WT: 197 – WING: 6-6 1/2 – Jr – A very crafty guard with scoring prowess and passing instincts. Not a big name but has a chance to have a solid NBA career. The Thunder just keep stacking talent.
39Grizzlies Jaylen Wells SF – Washington State – HT: 6-8 – WT: 206 – WING: 6-7 1/4 – Jr – A late bloomer who has been rising up boards over the past year. Has size, athleticism and shot-making ability. Probably won’t be an impact player in year one but will continue to develop and has a chance to make it.
40Suns Oso Ighodaro  PFMarquette – HT: 6-10 – WT: 222 – WING: 6-11 – So – One of the best passing big men in the draft with awesome basketball instincts and feel. Doesn’t have great size but really knows how to play the game. A very good pick for the Suns who need players who can contribute early.
4176ersAdem Bona  PF – UCLA (Nigeria) – HT: 6-10 – WT: 243 – WING: 7-3 3/4 So – A very high energy big man who can defend all over the court and runs the floor like his hair is on fire. He’s an elite shot blocker with awesome length, vertical pop and effort. If I was grading this pick (I hate draft grades) I’d give it an A+
42Hornets KJ Simpson PG – Colorado- HT: 6-2 – WT: 187 – WING: 6-4 1/2 – Jr – The Hornets get a solid, steady and talented point guard who is a big time shot-maker and play-maker. Really knows how to play and thinks the game at a high level.
43HawksNikola Durišić  SG – Mega Mozzart (Serbia) – HT: 6-7 – WT: 209 – WING: 6-8 – Int.04 – Good value pick. Durisic is a big guard who showed well at the combine and has some flare to his game. I think he has a real chance to make it in the NBA, which for a mid second round pick says a lot. He might play overseas for another year or two but could be a NBA guy down the road.
44HeatPelle Larsson  SG – Arizona (Sweden) – HT: 6-5 – WT: 215 – WING: NA – Sr – A tough, hard-nosed and hard-working wing who fits the mold of a Heat player. Plays both ends and has good defensive versatility.
45RaptorsJamal Shead  PG – Houston – HT: 6-1 – WT: 201 – WING: 6-3 – Sr – They don’t make them any tougher than Jamal Shead. He projects as an ideal back up point guard who can come off the bench, defend the heck out of the ball and run the show on offense. Great pick.
46Clippers Cam ChristieSG – Minnesota – HT: 6-6 – WT: 190 – WING: NA – Fr – A very young and developing talent who will take some time and will have to work his way up through the G League but has a lot of talent. A big time outside shooter with a picture perfect jumper.
47Pelicans Antonio Reeves SG – Kentucky – HT: 6-5 – WT: 187 – WING: 6-8 – Sr – An underrated talent who is a microwave scorer with an easy, quick jumper and lets it fly with confidence. Has a chance to be a steal at this point in the second round.
48Spurs Harrison Ingram SG – North Carolina – HT: 6-7 – WT: 233 – WING: 7-0 1/4 – Jr – A solid, strong, fundamentally sound forward with a NBA frame. Has show big improvement in his 3pt shooting, which will the key to his success. Solid pick here.
49Pacers Tristen Newton PG – UConn – HT: 6-4 – WT: 192 – WING: 6-6 3/4 – Sr – Great pick for the Pacers. A very mature, experienced and talented guard with good size and all the tools to make it in the NBA. Not the most sexy pick but don’t be surprised if he has a nice NBA career.
50Pacers Enrique Freeman PF – Akron – HT: 6-8 – WT: 206 – WING: 7-2 – Sr – Freeman was the biggest rise during the pre-draft process, going from almost off the radar to drafted in the second round. He’s a long and active forward who does a bit of everything on the court. Back to back good picks for the Pacers.
51Mavs Melvin Ajinca SF – France – HT: 6-7 – WT: 212 – WING: NA – Int.04 – A likely draft and stash pick and a decent value here. Has a nice 3pt shot and good size on the wing.
52Warriors Quinton Post  C – Boston College (Netherlands) – HT: 7-0 – WT: 235 – WING: NA – Sr – A sweet-shooting 7-footer with a very high skill level. A really nice fit on this Warrior team. Will have to sure up his defense but has a chance to make it.
53GrizzliesCam Spencer  SG – UConn – HT: 6-4 – WT: 202 – WING: 6-5 – Sr – An older player with limited athleticism but very high BBIQ, a lot of toughness, shooting ability and a great fit for Memphis.
54CelticsAnton Watson  PF – Gonzaga – HT: 6-9 – WT: 210 – WING: NA Sr – Such a Celtic pick…a fundamentally sound upperclassmen with high BBIQ and a ton of winning experience. Nice picks.
55Lakers Bronny James Jr. SG – USC – HT: 6-2 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-7 1/4 – Fr – It was written in the stars and now it’s reality. Bronny James is a Laker and will get to play on the same team as LeBron. People will think he only got drafted because of his last name but Bronny is a talented player, a very hard worker and a great locker room guy. If he wasn’t LeBron’s son he probably would have played another year or two in college before jumping to the draft but he’s a real NBA prospect with a pro level game. Full Bronny James Draft Analysis
56KnicksKevin McCullar Jr.  SG – Kansas – HT: 6-6 – WT: 206 – WING: 6-9 – Sr – The fall ends at 56 and McCullar goes to a defensive minded coach and a great situation in NY for him to play his game. If he was healthy all season he would have been drafted much higher.
57Raptors Ulrich Chomche  C – Cameroon – HT: 6-11 – WT: 235 – WING: 7-3 3/4 – Int.05 – A very high upside but very raw center who is one of the youngest players in the draft. He’ll have to put in a lot of work but has special talents. Really great pick here near the end of the second round. Could look like a massive steal a few years down the line.
58KnicksAriel Hukporti  C – Melbourne, NBL (Germany) – HT: 7-0 – WT: 246 – WING: 7-2 1/2 – Int02 – A solid big man who hits the boards hard and has a NBA level frame. Will probably be stashed overseas but could make the league eventually.

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