Adem Bona


HT: 6-9WT: NA
BORN: 3/28/03YEAR: HSsr.WING: 7-4REACH: NA

Draft Notes

Adem Bona is an incredibly fast and explosive open court athlete with quick twitch athleticism. He changes ends in a flash, has great upside as a defender and transition player and makes incredibly quick cuts to the basket.

Bona has a strong build but is also a very graceful and fluid athlete. He’s got a great feel for making cuts for back door lobs and for filling the lane in transition, where he’s a great at attacking the rim.

At this point he does most of his scoring in the lane and he does a really good job of facing up and taking his man of the dribble, using his elite quickness to blow by the defender.


  • faster Al Harrington
  • Chris Singleton

Draft Projection

first round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft


2023 Power Forwards

  1. Adem Bona – 6-9 – Prolific Prep (Turkey)
  2. Mark Mitchell – 6-8 – Sunrise Christian
  3. Sadraque Nganga – 6-10 – Phoenix, AZ
  4. Jarace Walker – 6-8 – IMG   
  5. Keegan Murray – 6-8 – Iowa
  6. A.J. Casey – 6-8 – Chicago, IL
  7. Kijani Wright – 6-8 – USC
  8. Kyle Filipowski – 6-10 – Duke
  9. Jaemyn Brakefield – 6-8 – Mississippi
  10. Henry Coleman – 6-7 – Texas A&M