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Amar Sylla


Position: PFFROM: SenegalHT: 6-9 1/2WT: 200
BORN: 10/01/01YEAR: 01WING: 7-2REACH: 8-10

Draft Notes

Sylla is a raw but ultra talented prospect who has great tools to work with and a ton of upside, thanks in part to his 7-2 wingspan and excellent mobility.

Sylla shows some flashes of offensive ability and seems to be dripping with upside but it might take some time to all come together. He shows decent shooting form (lefty) and projects as a capable floor spacer who will eventually become a 3 level scorer. He’s got some handles, a dribble drive game and he’s able to score in the paint, using his good length to finish over defenders. At this point in his career he gets most of his points on hustle plays, transition dunks and dribble drives to the rim but he’s got the makings of a complete offensive package and shows some self-creation ability.

Sylla has a knack for getting out on the fast break and has exceptional open court quickness for his size. He’s a great leaper and when added to his length he’s able to get both hands way above the rim with ease.

He shows some promise as an open court ball handler but for now he struggles with his dribble when running and isn’t always the best decision maker. Still, the way he can push the ball up the court and/or run ahead in transition puts a lot of pressure on the defense.

In the half court he does a really good job of using head fakes and ball fakes, mostly as a means to get the defender off balance so he can drive the ball. As he develops his outside shot those ball fakes will be even more effective. He can drive with either hand but he’s a lefty who prefers to finish with his left.

Defensively he’s got elite tools and projects as a guy that can guard 2-5 in the NBA. He’s got really quick feet and exceptional overall athleticism and he can stay in front of smaller players. He’s got good awareness and defensive instincts…and those elite physical tools. He doesn’t necessarily project as a defensive anchor but he’s a good weak side shot blocker and will become a more effective rim protector as he adds strength to his frame and is able to hold ground against more powerful centers.

The upside is definitely there with Amar Sylla and he’s got major sleeper potential. He’ll take some time to develop but a few years down the road he could make a lot of teams regret passing on him.


  • Pascal Siakam
  • Serge Ibaka

Draft Projection

second round pick in the 2021 NBA Draft


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