Anthony Edwards


Position: SGFROM: GeorgiaHT: 6-5WT: 225

Draft Notes

Anthony Edwards is a top 3 pick in this class and has a real chance to go no.1 overall. He’s not a perfect prospect but he’s got big time upside and really rare athletic ability, and in this draft class that’s enough to warrant a top selection.


Edwards is a dynamic scorer who is at his best taking the ball to the paint and using his power and explosive athleticism to score the ball over length. He can hit the step-back jumper, has smooth three point range and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

Edwards’ jumper is a thing of beauty. He’s got a quick trigger with a compact, elbow-in release and he’s become a lethal shooter from beyond the arc. He’s excellent at shooting off the dribble and creating his own space, rising up off the bounce in one smooth motion. He’s got a perfect flick of the wrist and nice follow through.

Edwards is a true power guard who plays like a bigger version of Victor Oladipo. He’s simply too much for 1 defender to handle and can get his shot at will. His explosive power and effortless elevation are a thing of beauty. And when he dunks the ball it looks like he could rip the rim off the backboard. We haven’t seen a power guard like this in a while.

He’s put on at least 30 pounds from his HS junior season and now has the frame to hold his own in the paint and guard the small forward position.


Although Edwards can overpower just about any defender he tends to settle for outside shots and can have questionable shot selection. If he lands in a bad situation in the NBA this problem could be exacerbated.

He shot only 40% from the field and a poultry 29% from 3 as a freshman. Some of this is due to his at times poor shot selection and being a very high usage player; his shot certainly isn’t broken and his 77% from the line indicates that he’s got a good shooting touch.

Edwards has plenty of ability on the defensive end but isn’t always as locked in as you’d like. He’s got potential to be a lock down defender but at this point lacks consistency. As he gains experience he should begin to stand out more on that end of the floor.


  • Victor Oladipo with a bit more size and a more advanced outside game at the same stage of his career.
  • Dominique Wilkins

Draft Projection

Top 4 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft


2020 Shooting Guards

  1. Anthony Edwards – 6-5 – Georgia
  2. Devin Vassell – 6-7- Florida State
  3. R.J. Hampton – 6-5 – NZ Breakers (NBL)
  4. Desmond Bane – 6-6 – TCU
  5. Jahmi’us Ramsey – 6-4 – Texas Tech
  6. Josh Green – 6-6 – Arizona (Australia)
  7. Cassius Stanley – 6-6 – Duke
  8. Tyrese Maxey – 6-3 – Kentucky
  9. Elijah Hughes – 6-6 – Syracuse
  10. Immanuel Quickley – 6-4 – Kentucky
  11. Isaiah Joe – 6-5 – Arkansas 
  12. Mason Jones – 6-5 – Arkansas
  13. Jalen Harris – 6-5 – Nevada
  14. Nate Hinton – 6-5 – Houston
  15. Jay Scrubb – 6-6 – JUCO (Louisville)
  16. Sam Merrill – 6-5 – Utah State
  17. Skylar Mays – 6-4 – LSU
  18. Karim Mane – 6-5 – Montreal, Canada
  19. Myles Powell – 6-3 – Seton Hall