1on1 Interview with Incoming Louisville Wing Trentyn Flowers

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Leader Johnson

At 6-8 210 Trentyn Flowers possesses the athleticism and power to be a scoring threat inside or outside. He has a quick first step that allows him to take defenders to the basket quickly. He has point guard skills that allow him to make others around him better and he is willing to play that role with no problem. He is a solid defender and plays with a winners mentality throughout the game. He is ranked the 28th high school basketball prospect in the country by 247 sports, 26th by on3, 23rd by Rivals, and the 23rd ranked prospect by ESPN. 

NBA Draft Room has him ranked as the 22nd prospect in the 2025 NBA draft. With the addition of Illinois star point guard transfer Skyy Clark a talent like Flowers can evolve into a lottery pick in the 2024 NBA draft under coach Kenny Payne. I talked with him about his NBA future, where he grew up, and more for NBA Draft Room.

1on1 Interview

Leader: What type of impact would you bring to a NBA team?

Trentyn: I see myself bringing impact into any NBA team because of my versatility, IQ, ability to shoot the ball, and strong work ethic and athleticism.

Leader: What NBA player do you model your game after? Who do you feel is the best player in the NBA?

Trentyn: Jayson Tatum, Paul George, Penny Hardaway Jayson Tatum is the best player in the NBA in my opinion because of his upside.

Leader: I know you would be happy to play for any NBA team. But if you could pick one what franchise would it be?

Trentyn: Golden State Warriors

Leader: What will NBA coaches love about your character?

Trentyn: NBA coaches will love that I am a high character, team player, loyal, coachable, and teachable.

Leader: What do you feel is the strength of your game that allows you to impact?

Trentyn: My versatility is my ability to impact winning in multiple ways.

Leader: You have been working extra hard and really evolving as an all-around talent. What about your game has improved that makes you a better player? What do you need to improve?

Trentyn: What makes me a better player is that I have worked on my ability to shoot off the dribble and be a more consistent shooter overall. What I need to improve is getting better at closing out the defense.

Leader: Do you feel you impact both ends of the floor? What makes you an impact player on the defensive side of the ball?

Trentyn: Yes I can definitely impact both ends of the floor. I can guard multiple positions, block shots and rebound well.

Leader: Tell me about where you grew up. How are your parents an influence on you? Are there any other athletes in your family?

Trentyn: I was born in Maryland, however, I grew up mainly in Georgia. My parents are great examples in my life. They are always there for me and sacrifice everything for my betterment. They push me to be great and have instilled high character and morals in me. My brother, Brysen, is a natural athlete in both football and a beast at basketball. My sister, Kristiana, has always been good at gymnastics, cheer, dance, volleyball, and basketball.

Leader: Are you a player a coach can give it to in the clutch? Why?

Trentyn:  I am definitely a player a coach can give it to in clutch situations because I am always going to make the right play. Whether I am making the shot or making my teammates better, I want to win.

Leader: What made you commit to Louisville?

Trentyn: I love what they are building and the coaching staff I feel very comfortable with them:

Leader: Have you had a chance to talk with Skyy Clark? He is another NBA draft prospect and you will be teaming with him. How does it feel to play with him?

Trentyn: I’ve always liked the way Skyy plays and we have already had a chance to talk I can’t wait to get on the court with him to do some special things.

Leader: You had a chance to play with Bronny James in AAU. You two were an impressive duo. What is it like playing with him?

Trentyn: Bronny is always going to go hard. Its great playing with him because you can see he wants and loves to win.

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