NBA Futures: 10 Big Time Talents You Should Know About

Everybody already knows about Cameroon Boozer and Cooper Flagg. You don’t need me to tell you.  

Today I want to introduce you to 10 lesser-known, but ultra-talented up and coming prospects who should be on your prospect radar. This group is a mix of obscure international players, a high school freshman, an ultra-talented and fast rising junior and two players ready to take college basketball by storm next season.

A player’s development is nonlinear and we can’t always know 3 years ahead of time if they have what it takes to make it to the NBA. But with some prospects the path is clear and we can project from a long ways out that the NBA is in their future.

Mahamadou Landoure – C – Real Madrid (Mali) – Born in May of 2009, the earliest that Landoure could declare for the draft would be the 2028 draft. That’s a long ways off but still he’s a name to know and to track, even at this very early stage. Landoure is a massive 6-10+ center with a ton of brute strength, which allows him to dominate in the paint. He doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a modern NBA center – he’s not hyper-mobile and at this early point doesn’t project as a floor spacer – but he’s a unique talent thanks to his awesome size, power and skill around the basket. If Landoure can hone and shape his body and gain a bit more athleticism the sky is the limit. A lot was made of his 56-point, 33-rebound performance at the Minicopa Endesa U14s in February, and for good reason – that level of dominance is hard to ignore.

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