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1on1 Interview with Arkansas Razorback Layden Blocker

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Leader Johnson

Arkansas Razorback incoming point guard Layden Blocker is a NBA prospect to watch. He has the talent to be a one and done but might stay longer and have a few years of impact at the college level. One thing is certain, he will be a highly coveted prospect when he does declare.

At 6-2 175 he’s got the ability to score from anywhere on the court and be elite on both ends of the floor. He will be a player of intrigue to many NBA teams and scouts are already taking notice.

Blocker was ranked the 23rd best prospect in the nation by 247 Sports, 21st player by rivals, 26th best prospect by ESPN, and 34th best prospect by on3. He is a five-star prospect and only continues to get better. He adds to the NBA caliber talent that has come through Arkansas under coach Mussleman the past three years. He talked with me about his NBA future, Coach Mussleman, and more for NBA Draft Room:

Leader Johnson: Where did you grow up? How was it growing up? 

Layden Blocker: I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. Everything was good growing up. Growing up my dad always put a ball in my hands. I started playing basketball when I was in Pre-K

Leader: What made you choose Arkansas? What stands out about coach Mussleman?

Layden: I chose Arkansas because it was the right fit for me. The coaches have NBA level experience. They do a great job helping players transition to the NBA. Coach Mussleman stands out because he knows a lot about the game of basketball with his NBA experience. He understands what it takes to get to the NBA. I believe he will use my skills and talent that will attract NBA teams. 

Leader: What are your strengths on the court that help you stand out?

Layden: My strengths on the court that help me standout are my speed, mid-range pull-up, play-making, and athleticism. I feel like the ability to be fast and athletic playing downhill allows me to be an effective playmaker and get to my mid-range pull up. I’m at my best when I’m allowed to get out in the open court and play in space.

Leader: What do you feel you need to work on that will make you a better player?

Layden: I want to be a complete player. I have to keep learning and getting better and growing as a leader. With my speed and athleticism and ability to finish at the rim, being a consistent catch and shoot player will give me a huge advantage. 

Leader: What about the way you play will NBA coaches like? What will they like about your character in the locker room?

Layden: I think NBA coaches will love my speed and my toughness on both ends of the floor. Coaches love guards that can get out in the open floor and make plays. NBA coaches will love my energy how I bring life by encouraging my teammates. 

Leader: What were your averages this past season?

Layden: As a team we finished the season #8 in the nation. I averaged 12p 3r 3a 2stl but I just did whatever it took to win.

Leader: What current Razorback players have you kept in contact with? 

Layden: I haven’t been in contact with any of the players, mainly just the coaches. I’ve been focused on communicating with my current teammates trying to win a national championship. Now that the season is over I will be in contact with current Razorback players more. 

Leader: What NBA player do you model your game after?

Layden: I try to model my game after Ja Morant and Bizzy Bones

Leader: It was a hard fight but you finally got your fifth star. I was rooting for it. I let people know this man is serious, he deserves that fifth star and you got it. How did that feel?

Layden: Honestly it just felt like it was an achievement to let me know that the work is paying off. At the end of the day my main focus was just to keep getting better and not getting caught up with how many stars I have.

Leader: What NBA player do you want to play one on one? 

Layden: I would like to play Kevin Durant one on one just because I want to experience how it is guarding a person who can do everything.

Leader: What NBA team if you could pick would you want to play for?

Layden: If I could pick an NBA team to play for I would choose the Warriors because that team is just fun to watch.

Leader: What do you feel you need to work on that will make you a better player?

Layden: My ultimate goal is to develop into a complete player. I want to perfect and improve a number of things. Making catch-and-shoot threes will give me a significant edge because of my speed and power. I also want to keep getting better at leadership. 

Leader: What will NBA scouts see from you when you step on the college court? What has Arkansas said the plans are for you next season? 

Layden: I want to show them I can lead a team and impact winning in ways other than scoring. They will see a 2-way athletic guard that’s a good on ball defender and fast in the open floor. I can make plays for my teammates and myself. They will see a tough competitor. Coach Mussleman and the staff have told me that they want me to lead the team. Their plan is to put shooters and versatile bigs around me. The speed and quickness I have fits how they want to play in transition. They like how I get my teammates involved but can also score as a lead guard. They love my toughness and how I compete on both sides of the court and do whatever it takes to win.

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