Welcome To The Future – The 15 Highest Upside Prospects On The NBA Horizon

The game of basketball has gone global and these days many of the top prospects in the world have come and are coming from outside the U.S. It’s a beautiful thing. The international players have not only brought immense talent to the NBA but they also bring a unique brand of basketball that has helped the game that we love continue to evolve.

While most the players on this Future 15 list are from the U.S. or are U.S. based there are a number of elite prospects from overseas and from our neighbor to the North.

The top spot on this list goes to a well known prospect, AJ Dybantsa, but I seriously considered putting an ultra young and insanely high-upside player in the top spot. Instead that youngster comes in at no.2

The Future 15

  1. AJ Dybantsa – SF – Prolific Prep – C’2025 – I flirted with the idea of having a different player in this top spot (a super young, extremely high upside forward) but AJ Dybantsa is such an elite talent and such a sure thing that it was impossible for me to rank him anywhere but no.1. He’s a massive 6-9 wing with broad shoulders, length, high-end athleticism and awesome shot making ability. He’s like a freight train in the open court, covering ground in a hurry and with awesome power. He’s also a big time perimeter shot maker with a nearly unblock-able shot. AJ has the type of competitive fire that makes the great ones great. He is very likely the top prospect in the world not currently playing in the NBA and he has earned this top ranking.

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