The 15 Youngest Prospects In The 2024 NBA Draft

Every year it’s fascinating to see who the youngest prospects are in the draft and how their draft stock is perceived. In recent years there has been a movement towards drafting more NBA ready players who are likely to contribute early, if only as role players. But there is still a ton of intrigue about the youngest players in the draft and the promise of untapped upside.

Bub Carrington will still be 18 years old on draft day

This draft has a few high upside (and likely high lottery pick) youngsters who will still be 18 years old on draft day. At the top of the list Ulrich Chomche is just barely draft eligible, having been born on December 30th, 2005. He’s a likely late first to mid second round pick (if he stays in the draft.

Five of the prospects on this list are likely lottery picks. And there are a few players on this list that I hope will go back to school for a year or two to develop their games (Christie, Dual, Toppin and Cyril).

The15 youngest prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft

1) Ulrich Chomche – C – NBA Academy Africa – Draft Age: 18.5 – Chomche showed some nice things at the recent Nike Hoops Summit but also showed his youth, and that he’s still a long ways from being NBA ready. There’s a chance he’ll withdraw from this year’s draft and perhaps go the college route for a year. He’s an impressive athlete with good center size and developing ball skills. He flashes a nice jumper and has very good athleticism for his size. He’s very much an upside swing type of prospect.

2) Bub Carrington – PG – Pittsburgh – Draft Age 18.9 – I would have loved to see Bub return for another year at Pittsburgh but it seems he’ll be staying in the draft. He’s an interesting prospect and has some fans in NBA scouting circles. He’s got good size at the point guard position, gets into the lane well, despite not having a blazing first step and has a really nice mid range game. I think he’ll take some time before he’s NBA ready and he’ll likely spend the majority of his first year or two in the G League, gaining experience, strength and improving his rim finishing and outside shot.

3) Cam Christie – SG – Minnesota – Draft Age 18.9 – Christie is another young player that is testing the draft waters but I really hope he returns for his sophomore year. We’ll see what kind of feedback he gets. He’s built in the same mold as his older brother, a smooth shooting guard with good size, a wiry frame and high level shot-making ability. He could be a second round/developmental player this year but has a chance to grow into a first round pick with another year in school.

4) Pacôme Dadiet – SF – Ulm (France) – Draft Age 18.9 – I like Dadiet a lot and could even see him sneaking into the back end of the first round. He’s a high energy wing who makes plays on both ends of the court. He’s a good shot maker, an aggressive driver and has some passing chops. He’s probably not ready to contribute in year one but would be a nice player to have and develop, to fill a role a year or two down the line.

5) Nikola Tipić – PG – Serbia – Draft Age 18.9 – After missing a few months it’s great to see Topic back in action. He’s such a fun player to watch and has been incredibly productive in multiple settings overseas. It will be a big adjustment coming to the NBA, especially as a 18, turning 19 year old but he’s got the skills and ability to contribute early. He’s a likely top 5 pick who could be given the reins of a young franchise.

6) Tidjane Salaun – Cholet (France) – Draft Age 18.9 – Salaun has as much upside as any prospect in this draft. He instantly passes the eye test with how he moves on the court and, while he still has a lot of work to do, he’s already showing a really nice skill level with the ball in his hands. At about 6-10, he can dribble, pass and shoot the ball and makes some advanced reads and plays for a player his age. He doesn’t always have the best shot selection but has plenty of time to figure it out. He’s a likely lottery pick and I wouldn’t be surprised if he rises into the top 10.

7) Ron Holland – SF – Ignite – Draft Age 19 – Holland catches a lot of flack for not being a polished creator or shooter but it’s easy to forget he’s one of the youngest players in the draft and took on a high usage role in his one season with the Ignite. He’s a fiery competitor, brings great effort and energy to the court and impacts the game beyond just scoring. If his outside shot and handles come around he can be an All Star.

8) JT Toppin – PF – New Mexico – Draft Age 19 – Toppin has entered the draft and the transfer portal. I would guess he goes through the process this year and then chooses a school for at least one more year of development before jumping to the NBA. He’s a very active and athletic 6-9 forward who rebounds the heck out of the ball and shows nice flashes of offense as well.

9) Izan Almansa – PF – Ignite (Spain) – Draft Age 19 – I had high expectations for Almansa this year with the Ignite and he had some good moments but didn’t really standout, and so his draft stock has suffered. He’ll probably be drafted but projects as more of a possible rotation big rather than a starter or star player. He does have plenty of time to continue to develop and still has some upside to grow in to.

10) Bogoljub Marković – PF – OKK Beograd – Draft Age 19 – Not a big name but a solid prospect with offensive upside. He’s a nimble player for his size, has good feet, can handle the ball a bit and can shoot the rock. At 6-10 he’s got the height but is very thin and light and will have to add a lot of strength to be able to guard at the NBA level. Marković could sneak into the second round but is probably an undrafted guy.

11) Somto Cyril – C – OTE – Draft Age 19.1 – Cyril is a physical specimen with awesome size, power, strength and vertical pop. He’s testing the draft waters but could end up going the college route. He’s a power player who can rock the rim and isn’t afraid of contact. He does a good job on the boards, has exceptional length, helping him defend at the rim and is a surprising athlete for his size. I think he would benefit greatly from going to school for a year or two.

12) Alex Sarr – C – Perth (France) – Draft Age 19.2 – One of the favorites to go no.1 overall in this draft, Sarr had a good season down under for Perth in the NBL, after two less than stellar years in the OTE league. He’s got special mobility and coordination for a player his size and it shows up with his ability to defend all over the court, to change ends in a flash and to finish plays at the rim. He moves more like a small forward than a center and shows flashes of open court ball handling and passing ability. He’s a quick decision maker with the ball and does a good job of passing out of doubles and hitting open teammates off the short roll. If his outside shot continues to develop he’ll have the complete package.

13) Zaccharie Risacher – SF – Bourg (France) – Draft Age 19.2 – With his projection as a high lottery pick it’s easy to forget just how young Risacher is and how much more improvement and development lay ahead of him. He’s a very good athlete for his size with a strong frame and overall good movement skills. He’s not an elite athlete by NBA standards but he’s definitely got all the tools. He really stands out on the defensive end and has an advanced feel for such a young player and tremendous defensive versatility.

14) Garwey Dual – PG/SG – Providence – Draft Age 19.3 – Dual is currently in this draft but could decide to return to school after getting feedback. He’s an intriguing long, lanky and explosive guard but has an unrefined game and a a lot of work to do before he’ll be ready for the NBA. He’s got the size for position, plenty of burst and bounce and length, he just needs more experience and to develop his BBIQ.

15) Trentyn Flowers – SF – Adelaide (USA) – Draft Age 19.3 – I’m intrigued by Flowers. He’s got all the physical tools, shows plenty of promise with the ball in his hands and he got some good experience playing against grown men in the NBL. He can be streaky with his shot but when he gets it going he can really impact the game. With his size, handles and athleticism you can see an easy projection to the NBA. I’d be happy to take Flowers in the 35-50 range of the draft, with the understanding that he’ll take another year or two of development before he’s likely to impact the NBA game.

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