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Two Round 2013 NBA Mock Draft

Our two round 2013 NBA Mock Draft is now up. Check it out here.

There is a question about whether Andre Drummond will test his NBA eligibility and enter the 2012 draft instead of playing in college. That would alter the landscape of both drafts and could make the 2012 draft one of the strongest in history.

But for now, we’ll wait to see what collective bargaining agreement and eligibility rules the NBA comes up with before making that change. Since Drummond is playing a fifth year of H.S. ball and has reached the 19 year age limit for the NBA he could be eligible.

If Drummond does end up in the 2012 draft then shooting guard Shabazz Muhammad would project as the first pick in 2013.

We’ll be updating our mock drafts often and writing scouting reports on the prospects so stay tuned.

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