Renardo Sidney Scouting Report


6,10 – Center – Mississippi State 

Sidney is an enigma. Hugely talented (and huge) but off the court issues have limited his ability to stay eligible. He has a rare set of skills for a center and the hope is that he matures to a point where he can put those skills to use on the basketball court. It will take a brave GM to call his name on draft day but in the end his talent could win out, making him a possible first round pick.


Outstanding ball skills for a big man. Great touch on his jumper with range out to college three. Excellent dribble drive and shows surprising quickness for a player who weights nearly 300 pounds. Has nice post moves and really knows how to put the ball in the bucket. Also a very good free throw shooter (70%) with a chance to get even better.

Has a natural feel for the game and sees the court well. Good passer who knows when to kick it out and avoid double teams. Has a nice spin move and is nimble on his feet. Quick hands on defense lead to a lot of steals. Uses his size well on the glass and can be a game changer on both the offensive and defensive boards.

Has a very high upside if he is able to mature and dedicate himself to the game.


Fouls way too much and needs to move his feet better on defense. Not a great shot blocker and needs to work on his timing and jumping ability. Battles weight issues and will really have to dedicate himself to reach his lofty potential. Likes to make highlight reel passes which often lead to turnovers. Needs to be more disciplined in that area.

Throws too many punches and accepts too many improper benefits (hence the suspensions) but every young player deserves a second chance.

Overall poor attitude on and off the court will hurt him on draft day.

Projection: Top 40 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft


by NBA Draft Room