The Young Exciting Timberwolves!

I never imagined I’d be saying this but I can’t wait to see the Minnesota Timberwolves play next season (if there is a next season).  Here’s what all the excitement is about:

Potential 2011/12 Roster:
PG – Ricky Rubio/Jonny Flynn
SG – Wayne Ellington/ 20th pick?
SF – Wes Johnson/Martell Webster/Anthony Randolph
PF – Michael Beasley/ Derrick Williams
C  – Kevin Love
 The Wolves hold the 20th pick in the draft and could sure up the shooting guard position with a player like Marshon Brooks, Klay Thompson or Jordan Hamilton.
Looks like a really exciting young group of players.  It might not translate to a ton of wins next season (which could be a good thing since the 2012 NBA Draft will be stacked full of talent) but it should be fun to watch.  Imagine Rubio throwing ally-oops to Derrick Williams and Wes Johnson while Kevin Love pulls down 15 boards a game.  Good stuff!
And the fans that have suffered through some horrendous seasons can finally get excited about their franchise.
by NBA Draft Room

1 thought on “The Young Exciting Timberwolves!”

  1. I think if you could get away with starting Wes at SG and Beasley or D Will at SF and ran uptempo you'd have one of the most enjoyable to watch teams in the NBA. Not gonna win a ton, but enjoyable to watch : ) The new Golden State Warriors… if that's a compliment.

    Oh, and I think Clippers own the unprotected 1st rounder from the T-Wolves next year (according to "Clippers receive the T'Wolves 2011 first-round pick (top 10 protected in 2011, unproteced in 2012) (Marko Jaric trade 08-12-05)"

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