Draft Thoughts

Some random thoughts and observations about the 2011 NBA Draft:

 The draft is less than a week away!  Can’t wait for all the excitement next Thursday.
Could Marshon Brooks be a lottery pick?  He’s moving up my mock draft and could keep heading higher over the next week. His tremendous scoring ability makes him a valuable asset.

On the flip-side, Alec Burks is falling out of the lottery and could be a bit disappointed on draft day.

Nikola Vucevic in the mid first round?  It could happen.  Vucevic is one of just a few real big men in this  draft.  The 76ers seem set on drafting an inside player and with Markieff Morris possibly gone by 16, Vucevic could be their guy.
Readers of this blog know that I’m high on Cory Joseph and Jordan Williams.  I think both players are underrated and could be first rounders. Can’t wait to see how the chips fall next week.
I’ve been hot and cold on Kemba Walker. My sense is that his game doesn’t translate very well to the NBA. He is more of a scoring guard than a true point guard and at 6 feet tall he could struggle to get his shot off against the length and size of NBA guards. He is not a very good shooter from outside but he does play with a ton of heart and passion.
Will be interesting to see who gets drafted first: Josh Selby or Cory Joseph.  Thoughts?
by NBA Draft Room