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The Good Old College Try – Seniors In The NBA Draft

As usual the top of the NBA draft is dominated by underclassmen and international players while the upperclassmen are slated to be drafted outside the lottery.  Jimmer Fredette will likely be the first senior taken and that could be as low as 12 or 13.

The only other seniors likely to be drafted in the first round are Marshon Brooks of Providence, Kenneth Faried of Morehead State and possibly Kyle Singler of Duke, Jujuan Johnson of Purdue and Jimmy Butler of Marquette.

At the top of the second round (maybe late first) will be a few more seniors like Nolan Smith, Norris Cole, Jon Leuer, Chandler Parsons, Justin Harper and the venerable Rick Jackson.

All of these players had long successful college careers.  Some, like Jimmer and Kyle Singler were big time college stars but it remains to be seen if any of these veteran players will find success at the next level.

In this day and age the most talented players leave school after one year, sometimes two years. Coming into the NBA Draft as a senior is now a sign of weakness.  The days of Tim Duncan are over.

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