Spurs Win The Victor Wembanyama Jackpot!

The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery has been completed and the San Antonio Spurs are the big winners!!!!

Winning the lottery is always a big deal, but this year it’s absolutely massive. Victor Wembanyama, the 7-4 center from France, is the best prospect since LeBron James and promises to change the fortunes of the Spurs franchise. He’ll join last year’s first round pick Jeremy Sochan and Keldon Johnson to form an incredibly exciting young frontcourt.

The Hornets landed the no.2 pick and will likely choose between Scoot Henderson, the star point guard from the G League Ignite, and Brandon Miller, the high scoring wing from Alabama. Miller might be more of a natural fit alongside LaMelo ball but Scoot would be an intriguing option as well, giving the Hornets two very talented on the ball creators, both of whom can also take reps off the ball.

The final two lottery-drawn spots went to the Trailblazers and the Rockets. The Blazers will have a very interesting decision to make between keeping the pick (and selecting either Miller or Henderson) or trading this super valuable pick for a win-now star player. The consensus seems to be that they’ll trade the pick but it’ll be really hard to pass one of these young stars. Imagine a future backcourt of Scoot Henderson and Shaedon Sharpe! Or B.Miller and Sharpe.

The Rockets didn’t have great luck tonight, missing out on the coveted top 3. But the consolation prize could be the ultra-talented Amen Thompson who could play on or off the ball and form a dynamic backcourt with Jalen Green.

The biggest disappointment of the night was in Detroit, seeing the Pistons slide down to no.5. They’ll still get a very good player here but missing out on the top 3 has got to hurt.

This is a very good draft class at the top and even those teams who didn’t move up in the lottery will have a shot at a really good player. Both Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller would be viable no.1 overall options in most draft classes. Players like the Thompson twins, Cam Whitmore, Jarace Walker, Taylor Hendricks and Anthony Black are really nice players to add in the mid lottery.

Full Lottery Results (and instant reaction)

1Spurs!!!!! The Spurs land the massive prize of Victor Wembanyama!!!! San Antonio basketball is back in a really big way. Congratulations Spurs fans!
2Hornets – Could it be Miller at no.2?
3Trailblazers – The Blazers could have a very interesting decision to make if Brandon Miller is off the board. Do they add Scoot next to Dame or trade the pick?
4Rockets – Bad luck for the Rockets tonight, falling out of the top 3.
5Pistons – Holy smokes – the Pistons drop to no.5. Major blow for them. Although they’ll still be able to get a really good player at no.5
6Magic – No lottery luck for the Magic this year
7Pacers – Still no surprises
8Wizards – Will be able to land a solid player at no.8.
9Jazz – OK, everything is going as expected so far
10Mavs – The late season tank allowed them to keep their first round pick but didn’t land them any lottery luck
11Magic (from Bulls) – Still no surprises
12Thunder – No surprises yet
13Raptors – Also as expected
14Pelicans – As expected

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