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2023 NBA Draft Lottery Results

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Results

1Spurs!!!!! The Spurs land the massive prize of Victor Wembanyama!!!! San Antonio basketball is back in a really big way. Congratulations Spurs fans!
2Hornets – Could it be Miller at no.2?
3Trailblazers – The Blazers could have a very interesting decision to make if Brandon Miller is off the board. Do they add Scoot next to Dame or trade the pick?
4Rockets – Bad luck for the Rockets tonight, falling out of the top 3.
5Pistons – Holy smokes – the Pistons drop to no.5. Major blow for them. Although they’ll still be able to get a really good player at no.5
6Magic – No lottery luck for the Magic this year
7Pacers – Still no surprises
8Wizards – Will be able to land a solid player at no.8.
9Jazz – OK, everything is going as expected so far
10Mavs – The late season tank allowed them to keep their first round pick but didn’t land them any lottery luck
11Magic (from Bulls) – Still no surprises
12Thunder – No surprises yet
13Raptors – Also as expected
14Pelicans – As expected

The NBA Draft Lottery will take place Tuesday night at 8pm ET, with the winner taking the grand prize of Victor Wembanyama.

Three teams, the Rockets, the Pistons and the Spurs, each have a 14% chance of winning the lottery. The Hornets and Trailblazers have 12.5% and 10.5% chance respectively. So chances are one of these 5 teams will end up winning the lottery…but as we’ve seen in the past, anything can happen.

The lottery will be used to determine the top 4 picks, with the rest of the picks determined by reverse order of the final standings.

Stay tuned and bookmark this post for immediate reactions and a newly updated mock draft Tuesday night.2023

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