NBA Draft Prospect – Tyler Honeycutt

6,8 – SF – UCLA

Honeycutt is a versatile small forward/shooting guard who can do a little bit of everything on the court. He’s jumping to the pros after two seasons for the Bruins and projects as a mid to late first round pick.


His versatility should make him a very valuable role player in the NBA. He can defend, rebound, start the break with a strong pass or lead the break himself with his excellent handle and court vision. He is a very long athlete with long arms and good hops.  Has good anticipation on defense and uses his long arms well to pressure the ball-handler and make passing difficult.

Very good at floating around the perimeter looking for an open J. Has great form on his jumper and looks like he could develop into a very dangerous NBA three point shooter. Good passer who understands the game and makes the right plays with the ball.


Skinny and needs to add strength.  Doesn’t have elite foot speed to stay with some of the quicker NBA wings. Very versatile but doesn’t stand out in any one area.

by NBA Draft Room