Jordan Brown NBA Draft Scouting Report


Power Forward – Arizona

A long and athletic PF who needs to fill out his frame but has a lot of natural upside.

Has nice size, length and athleticism and shows a lot of promise to develop into a high level NBA prospect.

He’s very quick in the open court and is a smooth, well coordinated athlete. He looks like a small forward with the way he moves up and down the court and on his quick drives to the basket.

On the offensive end Brown shows flashes of big time scoring ability. He can face up and drive the ball, hit the mid range shot and also operate in the low post. He has a quick turn around jumper in the lane and a variety of baby hooks and drop step moves. Shows good footwork in the post and has a soft touch around the rim.

A very willing passer, he scans the court well and does a nice job of moving the ball out of the double team. His passing and ball handling skills are advanced for a young big man and he can even help bring the ball up the court if needed.

On defense he changes a lot of shots and is an excellent weak side shot blocker. He’s a quick leaper who can get up in a hurry and make up a lot of ground with his quickness.

He is very thin and light and will likely struggle to add a lot of weight. Adding upper body strength should be a top priority.


Projection: possible draft pick in the 2022 NBA Draft

by NBA Draft Room