Isaiah Austin NBA Draft Scouting Report

7-1 – Center – Baylor

UPDATE: Medical concerns have ended Austin’s career. Our west wishes go out to him.


Has tremendous height and unbelievable length.  A legit 7 feet tall with long arms.  Is quick up and down the floor and very agile. Handles the ball well for a 7 footer and has good overall skill level. A former guard who had a major growth spurt and still needs to grow into his body but has kept a lot of the skills of a wing player. Should be able to fill out and become a legit center. Comes from a tall family with his dad being 6,8 and grandfather 6,11.

Austin has a nice looking jump shot with range beyond 18 feet. Has an incredibly high release point making his shot difficult to block. Has a good dribble drive and fairly advanced face up game.

Is a great shot blocker with excellent timing. Has the hops and length to alter a ton of shots and elevates higher than most opponents have ever seen.  Is a very good rebounder due to his height but will have to improve his toughness at the college level and beyond. A very willing passer, defender and rebounder who understands the game well.

Very skinny and could get pushed around early in his NBA career. Will have to work extremely hard to put on weight and add strength.

Shies away from contact in the paint and is much more comfortable floating around the perimeter.

Projection: Mid second round pick in the 2014 NBA Draft
by NBA Draft Room