2024 Mock Draft Update

With G.G. Jackson potentially reclassifying and being eligible for the 2023 draft, the 2024 draft class has taken a hit at the top. But there’s plenty of time for many more elite level prospects to emerge.

At this early stage Xavier Booker looks like the most intriguing prospect in this class and is (very early) favorite to be in the running for no.1 overall.  The 6-11 lefty has an elite frame and athletic ability, a high skill level and the ability to take over games. If he can ratchet up the intensity a few notches he’ll be scary good.

Kwame Evans Jr. is another player with an elite frame/length and very intriguing upside. He doesn’t always play like a no.1 option, demanding the ball and taking over games but heading into his senior season at Montverde I’ll be looking for him to show more of that top-dog mentality.  All the tools are definitely there.

Some of the other top names in this class, at this early stage, include: Ron Holland, Mackenzie Mgbako, Justin Edwards, D.J. Wagner and Matas Buzelis.

Overall it’s looking like a good group and it’ll be interesting to watch over the next 23 months as new names rise to the top of this class.

2024 NBA Mock Draft