2024 Big Board 3.0 – Let The March Madness Begin!

At the cusp of March Madness, with Spring in the air and St. Patty’s Day around the corner, this latest big board sees a few prospects spring up the board as their game continues to blossom.

The top of the board has only minor changes from Big Board 2.0, namely Reed Sheppard continuing his meteoric rise into the top 5 and Dalton Knecht moving up as well. But farther down the list there are new names and some big movers, both up and down.

Antonio Reeves is the biggest riser, going from no.64 to no.32. – and he could continue to rise. Meanwhile fellow Kentucky Wildcat Aaron Bradshaw drops into the 60’s and is looking like a player who would be well served to spend another year in school.

I still have Zach Edey outside of the top 30 but I’m getting very intrigued with the role he can play off the bench for a veteran laden playoff team. When all is said and done he’s probably a first rounder.

And I continue to be higher than consensus on Yves Missi.

Collin Murray-Boyles makes his big board debut, along with Payton Sandfort.

2024 NBA Draft Big Board 3.0

  1. Zaccharie Risacher – SF – France
  2. Alexandre Sarr (PF/C) – Perth (France)
  3. Cody Williams – SF – Colorado
  4. Matas Buzelis – SF – Ignite
  5. Reed Sheppard – PG/SG – Kentucky
  6. Dalton Knecht – SG – Tennessee
  7. Nikola Topic – PG – Serbia
  8. Stephon Castle PG/SG – UConn
  9. Yves Missi – C – Baylor (Cameroon)
  10. Ron Holland – SF – Ignite

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