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1 on 1 with Jontay Porter

Interview from last year that got lost in the shuffle. Here’s L.J.s 1 on 1 with Jontay Porter:

Jontay Porter is a super gifted and silky smooth player who is currently ranked as the 16th ranked prospect in the 2018 NBA Draft by NBA Draft Room. At 6-10, 240 he is an explosion waiting to happen. He is as quick as they come for his size and is aggressive, with a smooth long range stroke. Jontay is also the brother of Michael Porter Jr., the no.2 ranked player by NBA Draft Room in the 2018 draft class.

Both Michael and Jontay de-committed from the Washington Huskies and both committed to Missouri. They come from a very basketball rich family with not only is his brother being a baller but sisters Bri and Cierra play for Missouri as well and his younger brother Coban is a talented 2020 prospect as a 6-3 170 guard. His mom, Lisa Porter scored 58.7 points a game as a senior in high school and shot 58.4 percent from the field as a freshman. His father, Michael Porter Sr. is an assistant coach for Missouri. Jontay comes from Nathan Hale high school by way of Seattle, WA. Due to the legacy of talent that the Porters have they are legendary in their community and Jontay is destined for stardom at the professional level.

I had a 1 on 1 with him last year before he committed to Missouri. NBA Draft Room was the only Mock draft that had him on 2018 NBA draft boards for a long time when he reclassified to the 2017 class to play with his brother Michael.

Let’s go 1 on 1

LJ: Jontay whats going on my man how is school and how has this season went?

Jontay: This season has gone great. High school year we went undefeated and this summer I’ve seen a lot of success as well.

LJ: Crazy genes man just about everybody plays ball. Did your father play ball and what about your mom, is she an athlete too?

Jontay: Both my mom and dad played D1 basketball. It definitely runs in the family!

LJ: Its been a process what made you de-commit from Washington?

Jontay: The coaching change.

LJ: Is Missouri it or do other schools have a shot?

Jontay: Missouri

LJ: Is everybody competitive in your household and who is the best talent among you all?

Jontay: Everybody in the house is definitely competitive. We’re all talented in our own ways.

LJ: How did your parents influence your upbringing and how close are you and Michael? Are you two the same in anyway or night and day? Whats the difference?

Jontay: All the kids are super close to our parents. Michael and I are extremely close and similar in a lot of ways. We also have our differences though.

LJ: What does Jontay bring to a team and what is the strength of your game?

Jontay: I think I bring versatility to any team I’m on, both on offense and defense.

LJ: What do you feel you have to work on?

Jontay: I have to work on everything and get better in every aspect of my game to reach the goals I’ve set forth.

LJ: How is Seattle? I have heard things… what type of city is it?

Jontay: Seattle was a great experience for me and my family.

LJ: Great sitting down with you. You have a great family. Stay focused young leader.

Jontay: Thank you sir.

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