1 on 1 With Chris Silva

Chris Silva is a 6-9 223 pound power forward who has just opted to return to school and play his senior season for the South Carolina University Gamecocks. He was a 3-star talent who was ranked #7 in New Jersey, #35 among power forwards, and #141 among prospects by 247 for the 2015 class.

He averaged 9.4 points 6.4 rebounds 1.8 blocks while shooting 56 percent from the field his sophomore season and was a prime time performer for the gamecocks in the 2017 NCAA tournament scoring in double figures in all five games, including a 17 point 10 rebound performance in an upset win over no.2 seed Duke Blue devils and a 13 point 9 rebound in an Elite Eight win over no.4 seed Florida.

In his junior season Silva averaged 14.3 ppg and 8 rebounds, while beginning to show an expanded range on his jumper.

Silva had declared for the NBA draft without an agent but will be returning to school for his senior season. L.J. talked to him about this decision and more.

Let’s go 1 on 1

LJ: What made you test the NBA draft process?
Chris: Coach Martin and I sat down after the season and thought that it was good for me to try for the NBA.

LJ: Do you feel you are ready to contribute at the next level?
Chris: Yep I think I am ready!

LJ: Have you been invited to the combine?
Chris: Nope

LJ: You brought a high level of energy to the gamecocks. What do you bring to an NBA team?
Chris: Rebounding, high energy, Rim protection.

LJ: What made you want to pursue basketball as a career?
Chris: I just loved it and wanted to play against the best.

LJ: What about your character will a team like about you?
Chris: unselfish, ready to help and make everyone around me better.

LJ: Could you impact a team right away?
Chris: Yep with my competitive edge and hard work, yes!

LJ: Is there a chance you will return to South Carolina to continue playing?
Chris: Yes, if everything doesn’t go the way I want I will return!

LJ: Power, Athleticism, and heart you have it and I wish you the best of luck. Very impressive player.
Chris: Thank you man same to you.

by NBA Draft Room