Top 15 Pro League Prospects – Ignite and OTE

Both the G League Ignite team and the OTE League are loaded with future NBA players. I’m not sure there’s a superstar in this group but there’s a lot of depth of talent and many future NBA starters on this list.  

In previous articles I listed The Elite 25, the top prospects in high school basketball and the International Elite 15, the top international prospects. The pro league prospects listed below don’t fit in either of those categories so they get their own list.  

In my view the top 5 players on this list have star potential. Six of the players on this list are potential 2024 draft prospects, while the rest will be draft eligible in 2025 or 2026.  

1.     Ron Holland – SF – Ignite – Holland is that guy. He’s an alpha dawg who doesn’t take shit from anybody. He goes all-out on every play and can overpower opponents both physically and mentally. He shows impressive flashes as a wing scorer but is still fairly early in his development and not yet as consistent as he could be. He can be careless with the ball and doesn’t always make the right decision with the rock but the upside and the flashes are tantalizing. It remains to be seen if he’s a true first-option offensive player or more of a second scorer or even an elite role player. But one thing’s for sure: because of his heart, hustle and NBA ready frame he promises to be an impact player in the league, even if he doesn’t reach his highest end outcome. There are some players on this list that have higher upsides but Holland lands at no.1 due to his combination of production, high floor and upside.

2.     Matas Buzelis – SF/PF – Ignite – It might take some time for Buzelis to hit his stride and adjust to the physicality of the G League but he’s got unique size and ability and has a ton of upside to develop. He’s been out with an ankle injury to start the G League season, which will delay his adjustment to the pro game and could cause his draft stock to fall a bit. Still, having a 6-10 ball-handling big guard who can hit the 3 and pass the rock will be enticing to teams picking in the mid to late lottery. I could see him as a player who takes some time to make his mark in the league but then blossoms after a few seasons of development/experience.

3.     Dink Pate – PG – Ignite – The 6-8 Pate is a jumbo-sized point guard who won’t be draft eligible until the 2205 draft and doesn’t get a lot of buzz but I think he’s a star hiding in plain sight. He’s an ultra quick, twitchy and bouncy 6-8 player with elite athleticism, excellent court vision and massive upside. It’ll be very interesting to see how much playing time he gets this year for the Ignite. Last year London Johnson found himself in a similar role as a two-year Ignite player and didn’t get a lot of run playing behind Scoot. Hopefully Pate gets more run this year and gets to show off his impressive skill-set and physical ability. Look for him to be one of the faces of the Ignite team next year.

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