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2010 NBA Mock Draft

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2010 2nd Round

#TeamPlayerUpdated 6/24/10Comp
1WizardsJohn WallPG – Kentucky – 6-4 – The most dynamic athlete in amateur sports. Wall is a lightning quick high flier with natural point guard skills. The combination of this elite speed, court vision and passing ability is almost unstoppable to guard and allows him to make his teammates better or score at will. Has a flat footed shot which needs a lot of work but if he develops that part of his game, look out! A superstar in the making who should change the fortunes of the Wizards franchise.Derrick Rose
2 76ersEvan TurnerSG – Ohio State – 6-6 – A long combo guard with broad shoulders and nice size. Attacks the rim with great body control and draws fouls while showing a nice touch from mid range. A great dribbler who uses his length and understanding of the game well. Great rebounder for a guard and also dishes the ball well. A very good defender due to his long arms and anticipation. Developing three point range and can take over the game in the clutch. Could give the Sixers a star to take them to the promised land.Brandon Roy
3 NetsDerrick FavorsF – Georgia Tech – 6-9 – Explosive athlete with broad shoulders and a very solid frame. Has the quickness to get by most power forwards and attack the rim. Developing jump shot and post moves should make him a dangerous offensive player and his strength inside should lead to a decade worth of double doubles. He guards the paint well and should be a good shot blocker. The Nets missed out on Wall and Turner but could get this 18 year old power player to anchor their front line.Emeka Okafor/Dale Davis
4 T-WovlesWesley JohnsonSG – Syracuse – 6-7 – A very well rounded game including lots of quickness and jumping ability. Johnson is a creative and efficient offensive player who can score on the drive or bury outside shots. He moves the ball very well and passes out of double teams quickly. He also moves without the ball well and is a perfect number 2 option, a Scottie Pippen like player. His quick hands and feet on defense plus long arms make him a good perimeter defender. Exploded onto the national scene with a huge season. Has the skills to take over a game and the poise to lead his team in crunch time. Exceptional athlete!Shawn Marion/Scottie Pippen
5 KingsDeMarcus CousinsPF – Kentucky – 6-10 – Very big and very talented but also very immature. Cousins has a unique feel for the game and very soft hands. He posts up with great strength and has a knack for flipping the ball into the hoop. An OK athlete who runs the floor well enough and handles the ball well but is a little bit heavy footed. Dunks the ball easily due to his size but not a great leaper. Needs work on his jumper and passes out of the post but will draw the double team and could become a very good passer. If it wasn’t for concerns about his attitude he would be the top big man picked and might challenge for #1 overall.Chris Webber
6 WarriorsGreg Monroe PF – Georgetown – 6-10 – A solid low post player with a superior feel for the game and great passing ability for a big man. Not flashy but a work horse on the block who defends, rebounds and can score the ball. Lacks explosiveness which limits his shot blocking, dunking and rebounding but hustle counts for a lot.Kevin Love/Jordan Hill
7 PistonsEd DavisPG – UNC – 6-10 – Long and lean lefty with a soft touch and developing mid range game. Davis lacks upper body strength at this point in his career and needs to gain muscle and a mean streak to compete down low in the NBA. A good shot blocker due to his explosiveness and nice timing. Would benefit greatly from a few more years of unpaid play.Brandon Wright/LaMarcus Aldridge
8ClippersAl-Farouq AminuF – Wake Forest – 6-8 – Strong and athletic wing trying to become a perimeter threat to complement his nice athleticism and moves to the rim. Not a natural basketball player as he looks a bit awkward on the court and still needs to learn the game. Could become a star down the road but might have a tough adjustment to the high skill level needed in the NBA. Physically gifted but raw player who needs to put in a lot of work to improve his jumper, ball handling and overall game.Josh Smith
9 JazzEkpe UdohPF – Baylor – 6-10 – Big man developed his game nicely after transferring to Baylor from Michigan. Good explosiveness let’s him block shots and guard the rim. On offense he can play with his back to the basket or step out and drain jumpers. A poor mans Chris Bosh.less talented Chris Bosh
10 PacersAvery BradleyG- Texas – 6-3 – A powerful and explosive athlete who was unstoppable at the high school level and had moments of brillance in his one college year. Lock down defender with elite quickness. Bradley needs to develop his point guard skills and refine his jump shot to reach his full potential but his quickness, strength and tenacity are unteachable and should translate well to the NBA game. Might have been a top 5 pick with 2 or 3 years in college.Monta Ellis
11HornetsPaul GeorgeSF – Fresno State – 6-7 – Run and jump athlete with decent skills. Not the most polished player but has potential. Needs to develop consistency on his jumper. Physically he has what it takes to hold his own in the NBA.Trevor Ariza
12GrizzliesLuke BabbitSF – Nevada – 6-8 – A strong forward who is an excellent jump shooter and has three point range. Very good foul shooter at 90% and plays a smart offensive game. Good leaper who can jump multiple times quickly which makes him a good rebounder. Decent overall athleticism to go along with his shooting touch and feel for the game make him a very intriguing prospect.Andrei Kirilenko
13 RaptorsKevin SeraphinPF – Int. – 6-9 – Explosive young prospect who has great leaping ability and quickness. Built like Amare Stoudamire but needs to develop his game further. Not much offensive game but scores on put backs, fast breaks and hustle. Should be a great rebounder and will become a star if he can learn the NBA game and develop his offensive skills.Shawn Kemp
14 RocketsHassan WhitesideC – Marshall – 6-11 – An older Freshmen at 20 years old, Whiteside has great length and size. A legit 6,11 and very long arms allow him to dunk easily and change/block shots on defense. Very mobile and quick footed and often looks like a 6,8 player the way he moves. Needs to add muscle and gain consistency on his jump shot but his presence in the middle on defense and his potential as a post scorer on offense will make him a top ten pick and could give the Pistons their center of the future.Alonzo Morning/Marcus Camby
15BucksXavier HenrySG- Kansas – 6-6 – A deadly three-point shooter and good all around scorer, Henry plays with poise and leadership. Not a jaw dropping athlete but well built and quick enough to guard the 2 position. one of the better shooters in college ball but might fall on draft day due to concerns about his athleticism.Wesley Person/Jimmy Jackson
16 T-WolvesGordon HaywardSF – Butler – 6-8 – A very well rounded player who has come on as a three point threat this year and is now a deadly offensive player. Has very good hops and quickness and he plays like a 6,5 player. Needs to get stronger and continue to improve from outside but should be a solid NBA player. Mike Miller
17 WizardsPatrick PattersonPF – Kentucky – 6-9 – A well tuned athlete who is a bit undersized for his natural position of power forward. Patterson is a team first player with good leadership qualities. He has worked hard to develop his mid range game and post moves. Should be around in the NBA for a long time and could surprise like a David West.David West
18 ThunderCole AldrichC – Kansas – 6-10 – You can’t teach size but unfortunately you also can’t teach athleticism. Good rebounder and defender who has developed his offensive game. Strange but effective jumper and good passing ability and understanding of the game. A solid but unspectacular player who will be given every opportunity to make it but might prove to be too slow to be effective.Bryant Reeves
19 CelticsJames AndersonSG – Oklahoma State – 6-5 – A nice athlete with a sweet jumper. Can score the ball well and has the quickness to defend on the perimeter. Should be a nice off the bench scorer in the league or possibly develop into a starter.Gerald Henderson Jr.
20 SpursGani LawalPF – Georgia State – 6-9 – A bit undersized but fundamentally sound and has a solid frame. A banger who has rounded out his game to include some nice post moves to complement his nice athleticism, hustle and defense. A bit undersized guarding in the post but is a decent shot blocker and good rebounder.Darrell Arthur/Paul Milsap
21 ThunderDamion JamesSF – Texas – 6-7 – Steady senior forward who does all the little things well. Powerful player who will need to continue developing his perimeter game to excel in the NBA. A good rebounder and defender who has always been more of an athlete/physical specimen than a bball player but his jump shot has developed well and should continue to improve.Keleena Azubuke
22BlazersDevin EbanksSF – West Virginia – 6-8 – Long small forward with a smooth offensive game. Gets up high on rebounds and dunks due to good athleticism and long arms. Nice jump shot out to the college three with room to improve. Nice upside.Stacey Augmon
23T-WolvesEric BledsoePG – Kentucky – 6-0 – Mighty mouse. An undersized guard with big time quickness, attitude and talent. Doesn’t back down from anyone and forces others to keep up with him. His stature will limit is upside but he should be a nice scoring point guard and possible starter for years to come.Terrell Brandon
24 HawksElliot WilliamsG – Memphis – 6-4 – A combo guard with some point skills and playmaking ability. Young player with good upside and very good athleticism. Lacks consistency on his jump shot and has a lot of grow left ahead of him but could be steal in the late first or early second round.poor man’s Jrue Holiday
25 GrizzliesDaniel OrtonPF – Kentucky – 6-9 – Wide bodied, strong and quick, Orten is a raw talent and very intriguing as a prospect but he lacks a lot of polish. A poor free throw shooter and not much of a jump shooter either, he is also very foul prone. But despite the drawbacks there is far too much potential there for him to fall out of the first round.Rick Mahorn
26 ThunderTibor PleissC – Germany – 7-1 – Decent shot blocker and defensive presence due to his height and huge wing span. Moves around pretty well for a 7 footer but needs to add strength and continue to play with good passion and hustle.Jim Mcllvaine
27 NetsTiny GallonPF – Oklahoma – 6-9 – Wide bodied power forward with good skills and nimble feet. A bit undersized but his quickness and nature basketball talent will help him make it in the league. Decent outside shooter for a man his size.Tractor Traylor
28 GrizzliesStanley RobinsonF – UConn – 6-8 – All hustle, all the time. Robinson is a team first player who does all the little things to help the team win. Not a great offensive player but a high flier who grabs boards, defends and attacks the rim. One of the best athletes in the draft.Cedric Ceballos
29 MagicLarry SandersPF – Virginia Commonwealth – 6-9 – A leaper with explosive shot blocking ability. Defends the rim, rebounds and guards on the block, which is highly valued in the NBA. Shows good potential to develop a mid range game on offense.Theo Ratliff
30 WizardsLance StephensonSG – Cincinnati – 6-5 – Big time potential with big time attitude problems. Has the talent of a future lottery pick but off the court issues and on the court demeanor will cause teams to shy way from him. If he grows up and matures he could be a steal in the second round but could just as easily be out of the league in a year or two, left to pick up the pieces of his broken dreams.Felipe Lopez

2010 2nd Round

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