International Elite 15

Top 15 International* Prospects, All Age Groups (*not playing in USA)

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As we look ahead beyond the 2020 draft we see plenty of elite international talent on the NBA horizon. This list includes players from all future age groups but only players not currently playing, or planning to play in the USA this season.

This is a running list that will be updated as new info/prospects/perspectives come to light.

Top International Basketball Prospects

  1. Victor Wembanyama – France (2004) – Victor is the most intriguing player on this list and it’s not even close. At (at least) 7-2 with an endless wingspan he’s a game-changing force on both ends. He’s painfully skinny and it remains to be seen how his frame translates to higher levels of play but he’s much more than just a tall body, showing good ball skills, a soft touch, handles and competitive fire. Victor has an un-blockable mid range and outside shot, which will be a major weapon for him going forward. If the NBA changes the age rule Victor could declare as soon as the 2022 NBA draft. Is he the next Kristaps Porzingis? We’ll be watching closely over the next few years to see how he develops.
  2. Usman Garuba – Spain (2002) – Usman might not be the highest upside player on this list but he’s a proven talent who is productive at a high level of play and is a perfect fit in today’s NBA. He’s an elite glue-guy who rebounds, blocks shots, sets good screens and is a willing passer. He’s got great hands and catches everything thrown his way. Usman has enough size and length to play some small-ball 5, although he’s not the most vertically explosive athlete. The impact he’s having for Real Madrid at a young age is very impressive and bodes well for him being a high draft pick in 2021 and an immediate impact player.

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