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5-Star Corner: Moses Moody

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Leader Johnson

Moses Moody is an elite shooting guard prospect from the 2020 recruiting class and he is currently ranked as a mid first round pick in the 2021 draft class by NBA Draft Room. L.J. caught up with Moses to talk about his game, life growing up in Little Rock and his dreams of making it to the the NBA.

LJ: How was life growing up in Arkansas? What city did you grow up in?
Moses: Arkansas is a great place to grow up, we have a lot of good people and I have had a lot of support from my community. I was born and raised in Little Rock, so it is home.

LJ: Describe what it’s like to live in your city?
Moses: Little Rock is a great place to live, just like most cities we have good and bad you just have to learn how to navigate.

LJ: How is Montverde, Florida?
Moses: Nice small city, kind of like living in a small college town.

LJ: Why the school change?
Moses: I like to seek new challenges on and off the court. Try not to get too comfortable or play it too safe I want to push myself and learn as much as I can.

LJ: How close are you with other Arkansas prospects?
Moses: We all know each other one way or another through parents or friends, coaches. We all bouncing the same ball putting on for the City.

LJ: Your support is solidified, and I love that about a prospect with strong family support. Your dad is a cool guy, about the people and supporting the youth. Your mom is the ultimate supporter. How much of an influence has your family been on you?
Moses: Hard to measure because they have always been there, I almost don’t even notice because it is just the way we are and how it is. I appreciate everything they do because I notice a lot of guys having to figure stuff out on their own, but me having my family experiencing it with me makes it that much more special.

LJ: Arkansas is a sports state, especially the city of Little Rock and North Little Rock. Describe how competitive it is playing in Arkansas?
Moses: Lots of talent, not enough outlets or people who know about us. Arkansas is a place where anybody can ball, and rankings only good for that day. You can’t pick a clear-cut number one player without an argument.

LJ: What have been the stats of your best game this season for Montverde?
Moses: I would imagine you talking points I think my highest game point total was 20pts, but it is a little different here offense gets you on the floor but defense keeps you on the floor. So I have been really focused on defense and paying attention to non ball areas of my game as well.

LJ: What has been the toughest prospect to play against?
Moses: Everybody is tough so you can probably just go look at the schedule and pick someone. When you play on this level it is safe to assume that you playing against either good or very good.

LJ: What type of impact do you bring to an NBA team?
Moses: I hope to be in that position, but at this point I have to learn what teams needs are the closest to my skill set and try to make quick adjustments to add value. I do want to learn how to be a pro and create some value.

LJ: What about your character will NBA teams like?
Moses: I am patient but driven, I make good decision, and I am self-motivated.

LJ: What NBA player resembles your skills the most?
Moses: A lot of people say I play like Shaun Livingston, but I am a fan of how Devin Booker plays and of course I study Brad Beal’s game.

LJ: What NBA team if you could choose would you play with?
Moses: No preference, I just don’t want to be in the locker with a bunch a veterans reading this interview and I’m saying I want to play for our opponent.

LJ: What’s the toughest part about basketball to you?
Moses: knowing when enough is enough and getting rest.

LJ: What tough situation have you been in during a game and you battled your way out? How did that turn out?
Moses: Adjusting to a new coach, new system and learning what is expected of me going through a shooting slump, getting familiar with the new system, and finding ways to impact the game without the ball.

LJ: What NBA player would you like to battle one on one?
Moses: Devin Booker.

LJ: You are ranked the 16th ranked prospect in a loaded 2021 NBA draft class. Are you a one and done?
Moses: I don’t know what all goes into that decision

LJ: What type of player is an NBA team getting in Moses Moody?
Moses: A Pro!

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