2026 NBA Mock Draft Update

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With two full years to go until the 2026 NBA Draft there are a few knowns and many unknowns about the 2026 draft class. Let’s start with the knowns:

We see two TRULY ELITE talents at the top of the class in AJ Dybantsa and Cameron Boozer. They are very different players but both look the part of a future no.1 overall pick and that battle is going to be great to watch over the next two years.

Dybantsa is a giant wing with elite physical tools and awesome, tough shot-making ability. He’s an overpowering player at the high school level who can step back and hit difficult 3’s or muscle his way into the lane and soar to the rim for the finish. He’ll be spending his senior season at Utah Prep and holds the no.1 spot in most recruit rankings.


Boozer (son of Carlos Boozer) is the most polished young player I can remember ever scouting, especially for a big man. He’s a 6-9 power forward who reminds me a of a mix between Michael Beasley and Jayson Tatum, with a little Paolo Banchero mixed in as well. The level of refinement in his game is impressive. He can do it all on the offensive end, making it all look easy and effortless. He’s incredibly efficient with his touches and can put up 30 points without breaking a sweat. I wouldn’t call him an elite athlete but he’s got impressive quickness, strength, size and all the tools. His twin brother Cayden, a combo guard, is a high level prospect as well.

At this early stage it’s clear that those two are at the top of the 2026 draft class but there are some other special talents as well, most notably polished scoring guard Darryn Paterson, stud power forward Caleb Wilson and do-it-all forward Koa Peat. A fast rising name in the this class is lengthy wing Nate Ament, who is a silky smooth offensive talent oozing with upside.

There has been a lot of praise for the strong 2025 draft class, and well deserved, but the 2026 draft class is looking very strong as well. After a down year in 2024 it’s great to see two really good draft classes on the near horizon. Stay tuned to this page for ongoing updates and commentary on the 2026 draft class.

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