2024 Big Board 6.0 – Final Edition

With just over a week to go until the 2024 NBA Draft teams are finalizing their big boards and putting the finishing touches on their prospect evaluations. And so am I.

At the top of the board Zaccharie Risacher moves up one spot, taking over the top spot from Alexandre Sarr. I think Risacher is a safer prospect but with slightly less upside. Same can be said for Donovan Clingan, who moves up to no.2 on this final big board.

Tidjane Salaun stays in the top 5. I first moved him into my top 5 on my second big board (January 20th) and he’s mostly stayed in that range. Fellow Frenchman Pacome Dadiet keeps moving up, landing at no.23 in this final big board.

A few international players are off the board after withdrawing from this year’s draft including Spanish big man Izan Almansa and Malique Lewis, the intriguing 6-8 forward from Trinidad and Tobago. Both will have a chance to improve their draft stock for 2025.

I’m keeping Yves Missi in the lottery range, higher than most boards. I know he’ll take some time to develop but his upside is just so intriguing.

One of the tougher evals for me was separating the mid/late first round PF/C’s including DaRon Holmes, Kel’el Ware, Kyle Filipowski, Tyler Smith and Bobi Klintman. I ended up with DaRon Holmes above the others but time will tell if that was a good ranking.

2024 NBA Draft Big Board 6.0

Zaccharie Risacher – SF – France
Donovan Clingan – C – UConn
Alexandre Sarr – PF/C – Perth, NBL (France)
Stephon Castle – PG/SG – UConn
Tidjane Salaun – PF – France

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