Time for some fun: the fourth annual Draft Superlatives!

I starting doing these draft superlatives just for fun but over the years I’ve found that this exercise does help clarify a few things about the current draft class. This year there are a few things that standout from putting names next to the categories below:

This year’s class is not likely to produce many players that make the Hall Of Fame or lead the league in scoring. But there are some standout defenders, some great 3pt shooters and a few potential bouncers as well 🙂

There are also a few players who could put up big assist numbers, if they end up becoming starters.

Not many big time athletes: This class doesn’t have elite athletes compared to past drafts (Ryan Dunn is the only player I felt comfortable putting in the “win a slam dunk contest” category).

Most Likely To:

Have a 50-point game in the league: Dalton Knecht, Rob Dillingham, Zaccharie Risacher

Be a Hall of Famer: Zaccharie Risacher?? Alexandre Sarr??? Donovan Clingan????

Lead the league in blocks: Donovan Clingan, Alexandre Sarr

Lead the league in scoring: ummmm, nobody.

Lead the league in assists: Nikola Topic, Rob Dillingham, Tyler Kolek

Lead the league in rebounds: Donovan Clingan, Zach Edey

Win Defensive Player of the Year: Alexandre Sarr, Yves Missi, Donovan Clingan, Ryan Dunn

Win a slam-dunk contest: Ryan Dunn

Win a 3pt contest: Reed Sheppard, Jared McCain, Dalton Knecht

Most likely to be a 50/40/90 guy: Tristan da Silva,

Win Sixth Man Of The Year: Tristen Newton, Jaylon Tyson

Lead the league in technical fouls: Tidjane Salaun – he’s fiery af and loves to hang on the rim after dunks.

Lead the G League in scoring: Antonio Reeves

Make it in the NFL: DJ Burns, Dillon Jones, Jamal Shead

Come out of nowhere and make it in the league: Isaiah Crawford, Malique Lewis, Enrique Freeman, Andrija Jelavic

Most likely to have success after their basketball career: Jared McCain (YouTube/Entertainer), Bronny James Jr., (Commercials/Private Equity Investments) Tyler Kolek (Commentator/TV Host)

Most likely to eventually join a NBA front office: Devin Carter, Matas Buzelis

Most likely to get hired as a bouncer if the NBA thing doesn’t work out: DJ Burns, PJ Hall, Adam Bona

This proved to be harder than in past years. But there were a few easy choices, such as: Antonio Reeves leading the G League in scoring and DJ Burns as a bouncer 😉

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Thanks for playing along.

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