2024 Big Board 5.0 – Post NCAA Withdrawal Deadline Edition

Happy June everybody. The draft is just over 3 weeks away and it’s time for another big board update.

Now that the NCAA deadline to withdraw from the draft has come and gone we have a clear idea of which players will be in the 2024 draft. A few international players are likely to withdraw before the June 16th deadline but that won’t change the landscape much.

The overall story of this draft remains the same: no superstar talents, many solid NBA starters, a few of whom have star potential, and now slightly less depth after a number of draftable players decided to return to college basketball.

This big board features a number of new names in the 45-70 range after these withdrawals and after a few prospects showed well at last month’s draft combine. And a few international prospects have moved up the board with strong play over in Europe, in May.

A few notable risers in the second round area of the draft include Akron’s Enrique Freeman, who is having a strong draft season, Cam Christie, who is generating a lot of draft buzz, Johnathan Magbo, Isaiah Crawford and Tyon Grant-Foster.

Bronny James has also been generating buzz (as usual) and will have some suitors in this draft. He has only worked out for the Suns and Lakers and there is apparently a lot of behind the scenes work being done to determine where he is drafted.

2024 NBA Draft Big Board 5.0

  1. Alexandre Sarr – PF/C – Perth, NBL (France)
  2. Zaccharie Risacher – SF – France
  3. Donovan Clingan – C – UConn
  4. Stephon Castle – PG/SG – UConn
  5. Tidjane Salaun – PF – France

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