2018 NBA Draft Grades

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DeAndre AytonCHT: 7-1 – WT: 260 – WING: 7-5 – FROM: Arizona
The smart pick. A position of need, a superstar talent who has an Arizona connection. The minor attitude concerns and defensive lapses shouldn’t keep him from reaching greatness as a player and, along with Booker and Jackson, leading the Suns back to contention.
Marvin Bagley III PFHT: 6-11 – WT: 235 – WING: 7-1 – FROM: Duke
Bagley is a legit top 2 talent who could potentially blow up and be a generational player, but he’s not likely to move the needle for the hapless Kings in the next few seasons. Without their first round pick next year the franchise could have used some more draft ammunition and worked out a trade for more assets. Nevertheless, they got a player who should be a many-time All Star and a great character guy.
Kevin Garnett, Beasley
Luka DoncicSGHT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Slovenia
The Mavs trade up and get their guy, giving up a future first rounder to the Hawks. Doncic brings a new Euro superstar to Dallas, replacing the aging Dirk, while also bringing a ton of media attention, which Cuban loves. The DSJ, Doncic combo is intriguing and could give the team a shot at making some noise in the Western conference. As we’ve said all along, there are some downside scenarios with Luka, who could be a very good but not great NBA player.
Rubio, Mike Miller
4GrizzliesJaren Jackson Jr. PFHT: 6-11 – WT: 240 – WING: 7-5 1/4 – FROM: Michigan St.
Jaren Jackson Jr. completes his run up draft boards over the past year, rising from a top 15 high school guy to #4 overall to Memphis. One of the youngest players in the draft with tantalizing upside, JJJ could blossom into a two-way problem at the next level. He goes to a very good situation where he can learn from vets and play in meaningful games.
Mourning, Myles Turner

Trae YoungPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 177 – WING: 6-3 – FROM: Oklahoma
Nice move by the Hawks to trade down and still get their guy at no.5 (although we had a number of other prospects ranked higher at this point). Young will bring a ton of much needed excitement to ATL and has a chance to put up big numbers early in his career. This is a boom/bust type of pick with some star potential but also a real chance that NBA defenses will be well-prepared for his style of play and also take advantage of his sub-par defense.
Tyus Jones +, Steve Nash
Mohamed BambaCHT: 7-1 – WT: 220 – WING: 7-10 – FROM: Texas
To get a player like Mo Bamba at no.6 is outstanding value for the Magic. Bamba is a fluid athlete with ridiculous wingspan who fits the build of this Orlando Magic squad. The fit next to Isaac and Gordon is very intriguing. If he reaches his potential Mo could be one of the better no.6 overall picks in recent history.
a more mobile Rudy Gobert
Wendell Carter Jr.PFHT: 6-10 – WT: 260 – WING: 7-4 1/2 FROM: Duke
A great value in the mid lottery, WCJ is as solid of a prospect as you can get, with legit NBA skills and a proven effective game. He brings great attitude, team-first play and good all around skills to the Bulls roster, and is a nice fit next to Lauri on the frontline. He’s not likely to break out and become a star but he’s a near certain commodity who’ll have a very long NBA career.
Greg Monroe, Al Horford
Cavs (from Nets)
Collin SextonPGHT: 6-3 – WT: 185 – WING: 6-6 – FROM: Alabama
An aggressive guard who plays a downhill style, Sexton will bring great energy to the Cleveland team, with or without LeBron. He’s more of a score-first player but also carries and inspires his teammates. As potentially the new face of Cavs basketball he has the type of personality to carry the franchise through a rebuilding process.
better Beverley, Chauncey Billups
Kevin KnoxSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Kentucky
Knox is yet another solid pick in a draft full of future NBA impact players. His upside is really through the roof, as he’s got great length, a ton of natural talent and good feel for the game, while being one of the youngest players in the draft. The Knicks are building a long and athletic roster that is well poised for the future.
Paul George
Suns (from 76eres)
Mikal Bridges
HT: 6-8 – WT: 210 – WING: 7-1 – FROM: Villanova
The Suns trade up and add another wing in Mikal Bridges. It’s a good move to surround Ayton with one of the best floor spacers in the draft (not to mention Devin Booker) and Mikal also brings it on the defensive end. The Suns are building something special.
Otto Porter
Clippers (from Hornets)
Shai Gilgeous- AlexanderPGHT: 6-6 – WT: 180 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Kentucky
Shai is a great pick for the Clippers, giving them not only a stud young talent to develop but also a ton of flexibility at the position, as they transition into a new era for the team. Shai has been showing a great rate of improvement and has a lot more upside to grow into. He plays both ends of the floor and is a winner and a gamer.
Tyreke Evans
12Hornets (from Clippers)Miles BridgesSFHT: 6-7 – WT: 225 – WING: 6-9 1/2 – FROM: Michigan St.
Miles is a rock solid pick for the Hornets but probably doesn’t move the needle much for the franchise. Expect him to have a very long career and maybe reach All Star level at some point in his career. A solid if unspectacular value at no.12, especially considering they get 2 future second rounders for moving down one spot.
Justise Winslow
Jerome RobinsonSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 191 – WING: 6-7 1/4 – FROM: Boston College
A good pick here but with Lonnie Walker still on the board, that could come back to bite the Clippers. The new-look backcourt of Shai and Jerome is going to be fun to watch but might take some time to start winning games in LA. And the MPJ slide continues.
Spencer Dinwiddie
Michael Porter Jr.SFHT: 6-11 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Missouri
The slide is over. At some point the gamble on his health is worth it and the Denver Nuggets come in and swing for the fences, with a chance to be adding a special talent in MPJ. Expect the team to bring him along slowly and not rush his development as he returns to full health.
stronger Brandon Ingram

15WizardsTroy Brown Jr.SGHT: 6-6 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Oregon
A big guard with an all around game but doesn’t seem to add a lot to the current Wizards roster. Can he beat out Oubre Jr. Porter and Beal for playing time? Fans might have to wait a while until he produces.
Morris Peterson
76ers (from Suns)
Zhaire SmithSFHT: 6-4 – WT: 198 – WING: 6-9 3/4 – FROM: Texas Tech
The Sixers trade back (giving up Mikal Bridges) and get their guy at 16. Zhaire is a perfect fit on the wing in Philly, giving them a defensive-minded athlete who will fill the lanes, crash the boards and bring all-out hustle to this feisty team. The Sixers get an unprotected 2021 first round pick from the Heat, via the Suns, for moving back 6 spots. “A” for that. This could be the first Brett Brown step-over trade.
John Starks
Donte DiVincenzoSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-3 – FROM: Villanova
The Bucks bring in a microwave of a shooter who is also a big time athlete. He’ll be a great offensive spark for the team, giving them another floor-spacer and slasher to compliment Giannis, Kris and Parker.
Courtney Lee
Lonnie Walker IV
HT: 6-4 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-10 – FROM: Miami
Walker is the steal of the draft. He has a chance to develop into a many-time All Star and has the upside to be a Hall Of Famer. Many teams will regret passing on him.
Brandon Roy
Hawks (from T-Wolves)
Kevin HuerterSG
HT: 6-7 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-7 1/2- FROM: Maryland
The Hawks are putting together a team of shooters with Young, Huerter and Prince but that might not be enough to bring them back into playoff contention. This could be a long rebuilding process with sights set on the future. Huerter has a well rounded game, a sweet shooting stroke and just enough athleticism to have a long career. Solid pick.
Klay-lite, Stauskas
T-Wolves (from Thunder)
Josh Okogie
HT: 6-4 1/2- WT: 213 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Georgia Tech
A defensive minded athlete who fits the Coach Thibs mold. Is young and has a chance to develop but might not have a huge impact until he develops his shooting touch. It’ll be interesting to see if he can push the faltering Wiggins for playing time.
Dion Glover
Grayson Allen
HT: 6-4 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-6 – FROM: Duke
Another SG to Utah and another feisty competitor. This pick is a bit redundant with Mitchell but surely the Jazz have a plan for playing them together. Love him or hate him, Grayson brings a lot of excitement and energy to the floor.
Bob Sura
22Bulls (from Pelicans)Chandler HutchisonSFHT: 6-7 – WT: 195 – WING: 7-1 – FROM: Boise State
A very solid wing to be getting at this late in the first round, the Bulls have a potential steal at no.22. Hutchison is a long and fluid player who excels in the open court and is a late bloomer who’s coming on strong.
Devean George
23PacersAaron HolidayPGHT: 6-1 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-7 1/2 – FROM: UCLA
A feisty, score-first guard who needs to learn to harness his talents but has a good edge to his game. A downhill player who can also really shoot the 3 point shot.
Tyronn Lue
24BlazersAnfernee SimonsSGHT: 6-3 1/4 – WT: 183 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – FM: Altamonte Sp., FL
A high upside, swing for the fences pick who has shown at lower levels that he can score the ball at will. This gets an A+ because the upside at this point in the draft is fully worth the risk of missing out on this pick. Simons can stroke the ball and he fits today’s League well.

Lakers (from Cavs)
Moritz WagnerPFHT: 6-11 1/2 – WT: 235 – WING: 7-0 – FROM: Michigan
A modern NBA big who can score inside and out and has a high skill level. Plays a passionate style and brings it every game. Could get rookie playing time in L.A.
Ersan Ilyasova
2676ersLandry ShametSGHT: 6-4 – WT: 188 – WING: 6-6 3/4 – FROM: Wichita State
A combo guard who can really shoot the ball and fits well with what the Sixers are doing. The selections of Zhaire Smith and now Shamet make you wonder what Markelle’s future is with the team.
Doug Christie
Robert Williams
HT: 6-9 – WT: 240 – WING: 7-4 – FROM: Texas A&M
A raw athlete who can really protect the rim and rebound the ball. Has all the tools to excel but hasn’t shown a great rate of improvement and is not a very talented offensive player. Goes to a good situation to develop in Boston.
Antonio Davis, Chris Wilcox
Jacob Evans
HT: 6-6 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – FROM: Cincinnati
A strategic pick by the Warriors, who will need to have productive wings on rookie deals in a few years. Evans is a defensive minded player who brings it every game and doesn’t need the ball in his hands. A good fit.
Eric Gordon
29Nets (from Raptors)Dzanan MusaSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: Bosnia
A good pick by the Nets, getting the guy who probably has the most upside of any player on the board. Musa might not be an instant impact player but his future is bright and the Nets could be looking good with this pick in a few years.
Gordon Hayward, Sam Dekker
Hawks (from Rockets)
Omari SpellmanPFHT: 6-9 – WT: 250 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: Villanova
Another three point shooter to the Hawks. Spellman is a team first guy who plays hard and can space the floor. He’s not an elite athlete but has a powerful body and a good feel for the game.
Kris Humphries
Elie OkoboPGHT: 6-3 – WT: 194 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: France
A first round talent who fell to no.31 in a very deep draft. Okobo can score in bunches, has good length for size and is a solid athlete. He might take a few years to adjust to the NBA game but has starter potential down the line.
Dennis Schroder
32GrizzliesJevon CarterPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-4 1/4 – FROM: West Virginia
Tough and physical guard who is the best perimeter defender in the draft. Fits the Memphis team like a glove.
Jalen BrunsonPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-3 – FROM: Villanova
Brunson might not ever be a star in the NBA but he’s sure to have a long career and seems like an ideal back up PG in the League. Getting that kind of value in the second round gets a high grade, especially when you account for Brunson’s work ethic and the leadership he’ll bring to his new team.
Andre Miller
34Hornets (from Hawks)Devonte’ GrahamPGHT: 6-2 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-6 1/4 – FROM: Kansas
A gamer who shoots the three ball well and is an aggressive driver. Doesn’t have high end athleticism but plays with toughness and leadership qualities.
Norris Cole
35MagicMelvin FrazierSFHT: 6-6 – WT: 200 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: Tulane
If you don’t have a 7 foot wingspan the Magic don’t draft you ;). Frazier is a big wing who has a lot of bounce and is just starting to come into his own and show his upside. Nice choice.
Ronnie Brewer
Knicks (from Bulls)
Mitchell RobinsonCHT: 7-0 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-4 – FROM: USA
At this point in the draft the potential outweighs the risks with Mitchell Robinson. Athletically he’s got a chance to be an impact player but there are questions about his motor and his love for the game. He could take a few years before he’s ready to contribute.
Whiteside, Bynum
Blazers (from Kings)
Gary Trent Jr.
HT: 6-5 3/4 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-8 3/4 – FROM: Duke
The Blazers get another SG and Trent Jr. projects as a player who can contribute early in his career as a scorer off the bench. He’s not a big time athlete but he can hold his own and he can really shoot the ball and knows how to play.
Wesley Mathews
Pistons (from Sixers)
Khyri ThomasSGHT: 6-3 3/4 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – FROM: Creighton
A solid and safe pick, Thomas as a real chance to stick in the League thanks to his defense and team first play. There were some higher upside prospects still on the board but the Pistons went with a safe pick. Can’t blame them for that.
Avery Bradley
Lakers (from 76ers)
Isaac BongaSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Germany
Bonga is not ready to play in the NBA but has a good amount of upside and is a good value at no.39. In a few years this could be looking like a very smart pick.
taller John Salmons
Nets (from Lakers)
Rodions KurucsSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 215 – WING: NA – FROM: Latvia
Another Euro player for the Nets, Kurucs has unique skills for his size but doesn’t always put it together on the court. Could be a few years away from having an impact.
bigger Hezonja

41Nuggets (from Magic)Jarred VanderbiltSFHT: 6-8 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-1 – FROM: Kentucky
A rugged, defensive-minded PF who is a high level rebounder and great glue guy but struggles to score the ball. The Nuggets are getting a warrior on the court who has a great feel for the game. If his scoring game develops this could be a major steal.
Thad Young
Bruce BrownSGHT: 6-5 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-9 – FROM: Miami
A dynamic scorer, Brown has great length for position and can rebound, defend and pass the rock as well. The Pistons add a big guard to compete for time.
Vonteego Cummings
43Magic (from Nuggets)Justin JacksonSFHT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-3 – FROM: Maryland
A well built athlete with really good length and an improved three point shot. After missing time with injury the Magic are hoping he gets back to full strength. He gives them even more length on the roster.
Issuf SanonSGHT: 6-4 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: Ukraine
A combo guard with good strength, size, and an aggressive style of play.
Hornets (from Nets)
Hamidou DialloSGHT: 6-6 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Kentucky
A swing for the fences type of pick, which makes a lot of sense at this point in the draft. Hami might take a few more years to develop but certainly has all the tools to make it in the League.
Ricky Davis
De’Anthony MeltonSGHT: 6-3 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 – FROM: USC
A high level defender and good all around player who is being drafted to pester Steph Curry next May. Solid choice by the Rockets.
Royal Ivey
Lakers (from Nuggets)
Svi Mykhailiuk
HT: 6-8 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-7 – FROM: Kansas
A lights out shooter who fits the modern NBA but lacks length and athleticism. Projects as a three point specialist.
Casey Jacobson
48T-WolvesKeita Bates-DiopSFHT: 6-8 1/2 – WT: 223 – WING: 7-3 1/4 – FROM: Ohio State
A very good value at this point in the draft, KBD could have been a first rounder and projects as a rotation guy who could get minutes early in his career thanks to his versatility, defense, length and team-first play.
James Posey
Chimezie MetuPFHT: 6-10 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-0 1/2 – FROM: USC
A great athlete for his size who can play above the rim and throw down some nasty dunks. Raw but with a lot of natural talent.
Damian Jones
Alize JohnsonPFHT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-8 3/4 – FROM: Missouri St.
A potential roll player/back up forward who plays the game the right way and brings good attitude and energy.
Tony Carr
HT: 6-4 1/2 – WT: 200 – WING: 6-8 1/4 – FROM: Penn State
A lights out shooter who lacks athleticism but can carry his team offensively. Needs to improve his shot selection to hold down a spot in the NBA.
Rockets (from Jazz)
Vince EdwardsSFHT: 6-8 – WT: 205 – WING: NA – FROM: Purdue
A steady senior forward who projects as a glue-guy and defender at the next level. Might struggle to make the roster but brings depth to the team.

53ThunderDevon HallSG
HT: 6-5 – WT: 210 – WING: NA – FROM: Virginia
A typical Virginia player who plays a smart game, defends, passes the ball well and can hit the three point shot. Has a good build and natural strength. Has a chance to stick in the League.
5476ersShake MiltonPGHT: 6-5 1/2 – WT: 205 – WING: 7-0 1/2 – FROM: SMU
Another big guard for the 76ers, Milton can really stroke the ball and has NBA range. Could make a push for a roster spot.
Delon Wright
Hornets (from Cavs)
Arnoldas KulbokaSFHT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-11 – FROM: Lithuania
A draft and stash player who is a good value in the late second round and could develop overseas and eventually make an impact in the NBA.
poor man’s Mike Dunleavy
56MavsRay SpauldingPFHT: 6-10 – WT: 215 – WING: 7-4 3/4 – FROM: Louisville
Has shown steady improvement and has NBA size/athleticism. Might develop into a solid roll player who can guard the rim.
Ken Johnson
57Thunder (from Celtics)
Kevin Hervey
HT: 6-8 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-3 – FROM: UT Arlington
A versatile forward with excellent athleticism, who can score inside and out. Has had some injury history but is a good value at this point in the draft and brings good depth to the OKC roster.
Nuggets (from Warriors)
Thomas WelshSGHT: 7-1 – WT: 255 – WING: NA – FROM: UCLA
An interesting selection. Welsh is a solid and consistent player who doesn’t really stand out in one area but can hit the mid range shot and can hold his own in the paint.
59Suns (from Raptors)George KingSFHT: 6-6 – WT: 220 – WING: NA – FROM: Colorodo
A solid SF who will have to come in and battle for a roster spot on a Suns team that now has a lot of young talent on the wing.
Kostas AntetokounmpoPFHT: 6-10 1/2 – WT: 195 – WING: 7-2 – FROM: Dayton
A great swing for the fences pick at this point in the draft, which makes a lot of sense. Will be interesting to see if Kostas can develop into an NBA player.
Darius Miles, Bruno Coboclo
76ers get Lakers pick via Suns (MCW trade)
Cavs get Nets pick via Celtics, unprotected (Kyrie trade)
Clippers get Pistons pick, Blake Trade
Bulls get Pelicans pick (Mirotic trade)
Timberwolves get the Thunder’s pick, via the Jazz (Rubio trade)
Suns get Heat pick (Dragic trade)
Nets get Raptors pick (Carroll trade)
Hawks get Timberwolves pick (Payne trade)
Hawks get Rockets pick

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