The Top 25 Class of 2026 Recruits (2027 NBA Draft Prospects)

The 2026 recruiting class is looking really strong and, although it’s still very early on, we can start to project a few years down the line and see some major star potential with these prospects. This top 25 list will surely change a lot over the years but I think that many of these names will still be in the top 25 three years from now, when this class is finishing their high school careers.

A few weeks ago we got some big news that AJ Dybantsa, the top prospect in the class, will join the no.2 prospect Tyran Stokes at Prolific Prep. Although they are only entering their sophomore seasons they promise to form an imposing duo on the wing. AJ is the cream of the crop of this class. Not only is he a supremely talented and springy 6-9 player but he’s got that dawg in him and the will to be great. It’s rare to see a player so young have such a fire to dominate.

Two of my personal favorites in this class are Caleb Gaskins and Jalen Montonati. Both are big wings with sweet shooting strokes who have modern skillsets. They are not be on the same level as Dybantsa but both are big time talents who I think have bright NBA futures. JJ Andrews is really fun to watch as well and looks like a sure-fire high major impact player.

This class also features a number of high-level prospects who have dads that played in the NBA. This includes Alijah Arenas, Elijah Williams, Tahj Ariza and Jaxon Richardson. Sam Funches dad played at UConn.

  1. AJ Dybantsa – SF – Prolific Prep – AJ is still looking like the top prospect in the 2026 recruiting class and it’s not really that close. There’s even an argument to be made that he’s the best prospect outside of the NBA (and yes that includes Flagg and Boozer). He’s an aggressive and confident offensive player who has terrific size on the wing at about 6-9 with big time athleticism. He plays above the rim with ease and will likely add even more bounce and explosiveness as he develops over the next few seasons. I love his competitive nature and how he has a burning fire to be great. This kid is a star. He is a bit older than some in this class and could end up reclassifying (which would make the 2025 draft loaded at the top).
  2. Tyran Stokes – SF – Prolific Prep –– Stokes stays at no.2 on this list after continuing to show the unique all-around game in a big burly 6-7 frame that is simply too much for most high school age competition to handle. He’s got a lot of bounce to go along with his great strength and is very dangerous attacking the rim. He plays with passion and energy and can impose his will on the game. He reminds of a baby Charles Barkley – the Barkley we saw at the height of his NBA career when he was more mobile and showing off his perimeter skills. Stokes can hit the outside shot, create his own offense and has some passing vision as well.
  3. Caleb Gaskins – SF – Montverde, FL – Gaskins might be the smoothest jump shooter in his class and maybe in all of high school basketball. The 6-7 wing has an easy release, puts great rotation on the ball and is deadly accurate from outside. He’s also got length and the makings of a NBA level frame. He’ll have to fill out and add some strength and explosiveness but the talent is most definitely there. He fits the mold of what NBA teams are looking for in a big wing who can shoot the cover off the ball. Becoming a lock-down defender will take his game to the next level.

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