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The Nerlens Noel Rule

Since 2005 the NBA has required that players be at least one year removed from High School to be eligible for the NBA Draft. Now it’s time for a new rule, The Nerlens Noel Rule, allowing these young men to pursue their chosen careers!

Since the ban on High School players going pro was put in place I’ve had mixed opinions about it. On one hand I’ve enjoyed seeing superstar players such as Anthony Davis and John Wall take the college basketball world by storm. Top programs such as the Kentucky Wildcats have benefited enormously from having these star players come for a one and done year and we, the fans, have been able to enjoy college basketball at it’s highest level.

But on the other hand I believe it’s an unfair rule that denies these young men the right to pursue their careers. It may be better for most high school players to go to college but requiring them to do so and taking away their choice is unfair. It might be legal for the NBA to limit who is eligible to play but it’s still wrong.

In light of Nerlens Noel’s injury, I hope the NBA reconsiders their unfair practice. Noel has been considered a top 3 pick by most scouting websites (including this one). Now he’ll fall in the draft projections and on draft day, if he decides to declare.  Teams will shy away from selecting a big man with a history of knee injuries and, even though we hope for a full recovery, Noel’s career could be seriously sidetracked.

If he had been allowed to go pro last year he would have already put himself and his family in a secure financial position and, even if he had gotten hurt, would be highly paid while pursuing his rehab.

We can hope that most high school players will make the smart decision and go to college instead of trying to jump to the NBA but it should be their decision. I hope The Nerlens Noel Rule will give them the right to choose for themselves.

by NBA Draft Room