Quade Green


POSITION: PGFROM: WashingtonHT: 6-0WT: 170

Draft Notes

A crafty ball handler and slick passer who plays an up tempo game. A bit undersized but makes up for it with toughness.

Green is a true point guard who excels at running the offense and controlling the pace of play. His ball handling skills and sneaky quickness allow him to penetrate and create plays for his teammates, or take it to the cup and score. He’s the type of PG that teammates love to play with, since he’s always looking to set the table for others.

Uses ball fakes and shot fakes well and seems to always have the defender off balance. Is a high I.Q. player who shows an advanced understanding of the game on both ends of the court.

Green is a fierce competitor who plays with toughness, aggression and great focus. Defensively he takes his match-up personally and is a menace when guarding the ball. He has great instincts and seems to read the play before it happens, leading to deflections and steals.

Has a solid mid range jumper and can keep the defense honest with his outside shooting. Shows some advanced step-back and fade-away moves and a nice floater in the lane.

Is a valuable asset to any team thanks to his leadership, focus and determination.

Green is undersized by today’s NBA standards and could struggle on both ends of the floor against NBA length. Doesn’t seem like the type of player who will add a lot of muscle and is built more like Tyus Jones than Kyle Lowry.

He is a below the rim player who lacks elite explosiveness and bounce.


  • poor man’s Tyus Jones

Draft Projection

possible second round pick in the 2021 NBA Draft or 2022 NBA Draft