Jaylen Hands NBA Draft Scouting Report





 PG 6-3 170 UCLA



  Standing Reach


 2/12/99NANA NA

UCLA has a good one in Jaylen Hands, an explosive leaper and dynamic play-maker who has a ton of upside potential. He’s not the most polished player but the high end athleticism is certainly there and he’s shown a nice rate of improvement in all skill areas.

Scouts love his athleticism and his aggressive driving ability.  He attacks the rim with abandon and can really fly for big time dunks, taking off from outside the lane. He’s a truly explosive athlete who is not only a great vertical leaper but has elite level lateral agility as well. He’s quick with the ball in his hands and can really blow by defenders in the open court.

This quickness also allows him to collapse the defense and find teammates, and he’s especially adept at drawing the rim protector and finding the open weak-side big. He’s got natural point guard skills and is much more than just a slasher/dunker.

3 point shooting isn’t necessarily his strength but he’s got good form on his shot and puts good rotation on the ball. He gets good elevation and has a quick release, showing a lot of promise to develop into a consistent threat from downtown.

His dribble-drive game might be his biggest strength, as he can handle with either hand, shake defenders and use his agility to separate. He’s a constant threat to take it to the rim.

Hands is a fan favorite and a razzle dazzle type of player who gets people hyped. He brings a lot of confidence and swagger to the court, which mostly serves him well.

Jaylen has a thin frame and lacks strength, which could hinder his ability to guard some of the powerful point guards at the next level.

He can try to do too much with the dribble and force the issue. His aggressive style of play is mostly a strength but can also get him into tough spaces and lead to turnovers.

Athletically he’s like Malik Monk, with a game like Gilbert Arenas.

Projection: late first to mid second round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft

Is he underrated or overrated? Who are your comparisons for him?
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