Jarett Culver


POSITION: SG SFFROM: Texas TechHT: 6-6 3/4WT: 194
BORN: 2/20/99YEAR: SoWING: 6-9 1/2REACH: 8-4 1/2

Draft Notes

Culver has come on strong in his Sophomore season and is putting up big number with great efficiency. He’s grown a few inches from last year without losing his speed. If he measures well at the combine he could lock up a spot in the top half of the lottery.

  • Has an overall great feel for the game and plays both ends.
  • An elite level shooter who can knock down shots from anywhere on the floor and is very efficient. Scores from three levels and has a pure stroke.
  • A crafty ball handler and play maker who moves the ball well after collapsing the defense with the dribble. He’s a really high level passer.
  • Has a soft touch around the rim and a natural feel for putting the ball in the bucket.
  • Knows how to move without the ball to find space for his shot.
  • Can guard nearly every position and is a real menace in the passing lanes and on the ball.
  • Struggles from the FT line.
  • Has somewhat of a slow wind-up on his jumper (but the ball goes in the basket).


  • Stacey Augmon
  • What Evan Turner was supposed to be.
  • Kendall Gill
  • He’s got a little Paul Pierce in his game.

Draft Projection

top 12 pick