Jalen Lecque


POSITION: PGFROM: Arden, NCHT: 6-4 1/4WT: 185
BORN: 6/13/00YEAR: HSsr5WING: 6-8 1/2REACH: 8-2 1/2

Draft Notes

Lecque is a freakish athlete who has power, bounce and an aggressive style of play that reminds of Russell Westbrook. His powerful leaping ability from the PG position is a load for the defense to handle. Lecque is a high upside prospect who is just beginning to put all his skills and talents together.

Length, strength and bounce are Lecque’s strengths. He’s as explosive a player as you’ll find at the high school level and he’s a highlight waiting to happen. He can hang in the air longer than other players and make plays in the lane against taller players, using his great leaping ability.

He’s got good length for size and also a solid upper body with good strength. He can absorb the hit and finish through contact. He excels at getting to the rim, where he can score with the dunk, reverse the layup or hang in the air and wait for the defender to fall. He’s also showing a promising mid range game, with the ability to use the dribble to get to his spots and rise up for the jimmy.

He’s a solid ball handler with a lot of shake n bake moves and a lightening quick first step. He shows an ability to handle the ball against pressure and can be a one-man press break with his blazing speed and good handles.

An excellent rebounder from the PG spot, Lecque does a good job of helping out on the defensive boards. Has all the ability to be a good defender and shows flashes of being a lock-down perimeter defender.

Still very raw as a basketball player and as a point guard. Can get tunnel vision to the basket and needs to do a better job of running the offense. Can spend too much time pounding the rock and locking in on the basket, taking the rhythm out of the offense.

Needs to tighten up the mechanics on his shot and get more consistent from three point land. Shoots the ball a little bit from the side of his head and doesn’t have ideal form or a very quick release.

Still developing and growing his understanding of the game on both ends of the court.


  • He’s like a longer version of Dennis Smith Jr. or a poor man’s Westbrook. His floor might be like a Jerryd Bayless with a lot more bounce.

Draft Projection

second round pick