Game Changer – Why The 2023 Draft Is Important For The NBA

The 2023 NBA Draft holds huge importance for the future of the NBA and for the future of how prospects choose to make their way into the NBA. It also promises to be a day where a number of big name players change teams, reshaping the power structure of the league.

It all starts at the top with Victor Wembanyama going to San Antonio. This draft pick by the Spurs will shape the future of the Western Conference and the NBA for the next 10 or 15 years. We could be on the brink of another dynasty in San Antonio. And I’m here for it!

Scoot Henderson promises to alter the fortunes of a franchise as well.

And there are also a few story-lines that will be relevant for up-and-coming prospects, as they choose between college, The G League, OTE or playing overseas.

A Global Affair

Wembanyama’s entrance into the league further solidifies the increasing dominance of international players in the NBA. For the first time in history we can say that most of the best players in the NBA (and in the world) are from outside the U.S. (Giannis, Luka, Joker, Embiid etc.). This is awesome. The game has truly gone global and it’s really good for basketball in general and for the NBA specifically.

International players have been coming to the NBA for decades but now it’s different. Now the international players are coming over, dominating and hanging banners. All signs point to Victor Wembanyama being next in line.

Does the OTE Develop Good Pros?

The Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar, will come into the league with a lot pressure on their shoulders, as torch carriers for the young OTE league. They are the first projected lottery picks from OTE and it will be fascinating to see, not only where they are drafted but how they perform early in their NBA careers. Their success or failure could set the stage for the future success of the OTE league.

We’ve already seen the G League Ignite program have a lot of success with developing NBA players. Can the OTE league do the same?

Both Amen and Ausar are electric athletes and both were very productive in the OTE but the competition they were facing was a few steps below college basketball – a lot of the time it looked more like a pick-up game than a meaningful competition. How will they adjust to playing in the best league in the world?

Jazian Gortman and Jaylen Martin are also OTE prospects to keep an eye on. They have an outside chance of getting drafted in the second round.

Picks no.2 and no.3 Have Huge Consequences

Brandon Miller fits well with either the Hornets or the Blazers. But Scoot Henderson could mean big changes are coming to whichever team drafts him.

Scoot could be the target of a team trading up, offering a massive package for the rights to draft the dynamic point guard. Could the oft-injured Zion Williamson be on the move? Will Damian Lillard get a new star veteran running mate or will he be mentoring a rookie next year?

The second and third picks in this draft promise to alter the landscape of the NBA, both in the short and in the long term.

Draft Day Trades – Big Names On The Move

Beyond the draft picks themselves we could see a few big names get moved on draft day, shifting the balance of power in the league.

There are plenty of rumors about Brad Beal getting shipped to a contender, with the Bucks and the Heat emerging as possible landing spots. Zach Lavine could also be on the move. As could KAT, Pascal Siakam and possibly OG.

And of course John Collins is on the trade block.

If the Magic draft another guard look for Cole Anthony to be on the move. The Warriors are rumored to be shopping Jonathan Kuminga.

And there are plenty of other names being mentioned in possible trades.

We often hear lots of rumors of potential trades leading up to the draft but this year could be the year where we actually see major action on draft day. It should be really fun.

Changing of the Guard

The OKC Thunder are a team on the rise. They have four young stars in SGA, Chet, JDub and Giddey. And they have a shit-ton of future draft capital to wheel and deal with. Could they look to package the no.12 pick this year with some future picks to move up for yet another young stud? Either way, the Thunder are set to become a force in the Western Conference.

Another up and coming team, the Orlando Magic, hold the no.6 and no.11 picks in this draft and could look to make a splash. Do they package these picks and move up for Scoot or Amen? Or stay put and grab two talents in the lottery? Either way the Magic look ready to make some noise in the East and could be a playoff team next season.

The Jazz and Pacers also have multiple first round picks, which will add talent to their up-and-coming rosters.

The 2023 NBA Draft is not just about the two or three elite talents at the top. It is a draft that promises to reshape the league via trades and the building up of young and talented rosters. Future NBA championship rosters will be formed on June 22nd. So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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