1 on 1 with Johnny Juzang

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Leader Johnson

Johnny Juzang is an elite and dangerous shooter, but he is not just that. Juzang is 6-7, 200 and very versatile. He can play positions one through three, on both sides of the ball. He has a great basketball IQ which allows him to be a good distributor and play-maker.

Johnny is the 22nd ranked prospect in the 2020 basketball recruiting class by 247 sports, 19th by Rivals, and 19th by ESPN. He is rated a 5-star by all three and is the 15th ranked NBA prospect in the 2021 NBA draft class by NBA Draft Room.

Halfway through his Jr. year he has career high school averages of 19.3 points 8.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists. He has career shooting percentages of 43 percent from the field, 36 percent from long range and 79 percent from the free throw line. Juzang talked with me about family and his NBA future for NBA Draft Room.

LJ: What NBA player do you resemble your game after?
Johnny: It’s really players and I would have to say Klay Thompson, James Harden, and Kobe Bryant.

LJ: What is the most impactful part of your game?
Johnny: My ability to score.

LJ: What NBA team would you like to play for If you could pick a team?
Johnny: I would have to say the Lakers me being from here and being a fan but I would also have to say the Rockets. I have become a fan of James Harden so the Rockets too.

LJ: Evan Mobley is a part of that talented 2021 draft class. How long have you been knowing him?
Johnny: I have been knowing Evan since middle school.

LJ: Where did you grow up?
Johnny: Tarzana, CA.

LJ: How is it growing up in Tarzana?
Johnny: It’s cool; of course it’s a little town and doesn’t have as much as the big cities but it’s cool.

LJ: Your dad Maxie is a cool guy. How is the support of your parents and how important is it.
Johnny: It’s everything from my mom packing my lunches to my dad supporting me through whatever, it means everything.

LJ: What is your nationality?
Johnny: Vietnamese and black

LJ: In the NBA, the game is mostly mental. What would an NBA team like about your character?
Johnny: I would be easy to get along with. I feel that you work hard to get here why would you mess that up.

LJ: What about your game has improved from last season?
Johnny: My ability to be much more of a leader and my all-around skills.

LJ: What does Johnny Juzang bring to an NBA team?
Johnny: Immediate scoring impact from all three levels. Ability to space the floor as well as create. Also leadership and communication.

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