Tristan Thompson – NBA Draft Stock Rising

Texas Freshman Tristan Thompson is playing at a very high level and showing the potential to become a  star power forward at the next level.  Many of the NBA mock drafts and the so called ‘experts’ list Thompson outside of the lottery but his stock is rising up my 2011 mock draft, all the way to the top five!

I don’t expect that my blog will influence all the others but I do think that other draftniks will see what they’ve been missing and soon they’ll be moving Thompson higher.
Thompson has a great combination of size, quickness, and an advanced knowledge of the game.  He seems to always know where to be on the court and once he gets the ball in his hands he’s tough to stop.  His one weakness is at the foul line, where he hits only about 50%.  He has good enough form on his shot to improve drastically and possibly become a 70% in a few years.
Thompson is slightly less explosive than Derrick Favors, the #3 pick of 2010, but Thompson has better skills and better basketball IQ. He also plays with a lot of intensity and hustle. Power forwards with his size and skill combination are very valuable at the next level and I think Thompson’s true value will be recognized soon.
Also rising up the draft board is Harrison Barnes who was off to a slow start but has come on strong and is showing flashes of greatness.
Terrence Jones is still in the top five but is slipping.  He is still playing at a high level but looks like a tweener, not quite a power forward or a small forward.
Other players who are rising are John Jenkins, John Henson and Jujuan Johnson.
by NBA Draft Room