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Top 10 American Pro League Prospects (2023 Draft Eligible, Or Later)

The G League Ignite started a trend of top ranked recruits skipping college to go pro for a year, before entering the NBA draft. That trend has expanded to include high school-age prospects leaving high school to go pro, either with the Ignite or with the new Overtime Elite Pro League (OTE). Over the course of the past 6 months we’ve seen a number of top high school prospects join the OTE, quickly making the new league a hotbed of talent for future NBA drafts. Former NBA guard Kevin Ollie is the head coach and director of player development for OTE and will be tasked with bringing out the best from these talented prospects.

These young pro players are compensated well, while also having the chance to train with other elite talent and prove themselves in a professional setting. The minimum salary for the OTE players is 100K/year while they also get to own some equity in the league. G League Ignite compensation is potentially much higher but without the ownership stake.

It will be interesting to watch over the next few years to see if this trend continues – and/or if the NBA will change the rules and allow high school seniors to go straight to the NBA.

The top 6 or 7 players listed below would have been on the Elite 25 list if they were still in high school, while the rest are really solid prospects with pro potential.

  1. Scoot Henderson – PG – G League Ignite – There are few better prospects any age, anywhere in the world than Scoot. The powerful and athletic point guard is skipping his senior year of high school and spending this year (and likely next year) with the G League Ignite. A big time athlete who is a force going to the basket, Scoot would have been in the top 10 of the Elite 25 Rankings if he were still in high school. Instead he’s the no.1 rated high school-age prospect in the professional programs. At 6-3 and 185lbs he’s already got the frame of a NBA player plus has insane burst and power when driving to the basket. He can also step out and drill jumpers from deep, showing off effortless range and a good accuracy. Physically he’s got all the tools to be a star at the next level and is developing the skill-set to run a NBA franchise. We currently have Scoot mocked no.4 overall in the 2023 draft.
  2. Amen Thompson – SG – Overtime Elite – Amen is a big time shooting guard prospect who could have played anywhere in the country but has taken his talents to OTE, along with his twin brother Ausur Thompson. Amen has ideal size at 6-6 and a versatile skill-set, being able to play on or off the ball and initiate offense for himself or for others. He’s already built like a NBA guard and has elite physical attributes and the talent to warrant this ranking. Both Amen and Ausur look like future first rounders with lottery potential, most likely in 2023.

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