So Many Questions About Jimmer – So Few Good Answers

Following the story of Jimmer Fredette has been fascinating. Rarely have we seen a college basketball player, much less one from the Mountain West Conference, receive so much media attention.

But now that Jimmer is a member of the Sacramento Kings and all the speculation about his draft status is answered, there are a whole host of other questions still needing answers:

Question: Can Jimmer Fredette guard NBA point guards?
Answer: Unlikely

Question: Can Jimmer Fredette get his shot off against NBA guards?
Answer: Rarely

Question: Will Jimmer Fredette sell tons of jerseys?
Answer: Certainly

Question: Do jersey sales win basketball games?
Answer: Not that I’m aware of

Question: Can Jimmer run the point?
Answer: possibly..not really sure

Question: Will Jimmer Fredette be a bust?
Answer: All signs point to yes

Question: Do I hate Jimmer?
Answer: Not at all. I wish him the best, want to see him draining threes for days…. but I just don’t see it.

The fans in Utah might be upset about not landing the Jimmer on draft night but they shouldn’t be. Selling jerseys is one thing (one thing Jimmer will do well) but winning basketball games is what it’s all about. Alec Burks can do that.  Jimmer?  Unlikely.
by NBA Draft Room