Emoni bates


(Michigan St. commit)
HT: 6-8 1/2WT: 180

Draft Notes

Emoni Bates is a special NBA draft prospect, potentially a generational talent, who has committed to Michigan State.

He would probably be the no.1 overall pick this year, if he was eligible and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him re-class so he can enter the draft sooner, or take advantage if the NBA allows high school players to jump straight to the league. This is why we project him as a 2022 draft pick.

Bates has a special combination of size, natural talent and work ethic that makes him an elite level prospect and a potential no.1 overall type of player. He’s a fierce competitor with a will to win and will to be great. He’s got the fire that it takes to turn natural talent into transcendent talent.

His offensive package is elite for any player, let alone a high school underclassman. Bates has the look of a young Kevin Durant (he’s got a bit less length but just as much skill and a more dominant game than KD had in high school).

He’s got the complete package including the ability to light it up from downtown, take it to the hoop and finish above the rim and warp the defense, opening up space for his teammates.

Bates is a really good ball handler and is basically a 6-8 guard. He can beat his man one on one with his quick first step and he’s a creative finisher in the lane or with his smooth mid range game.

Although he’s not the most powerful athlete and is still very skinny, he’s got wiry strength and takes it hard to the rim. He’s also not a huge wingspan guy but has more than enough size, strength and length to warrant all of the hype that comes his way.


  • Kevin Durant
  • angry Brandon Ingram

Draft Projection

top 2 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft or 2023 NBA Draft



2022 Small Forwards

  1. Emoni Bates – 6-8 1/2 – Michigan St.
  2. Adrian Griffin Jr. – 6-6 – Duke
  3. Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 6-10 – Sussex, WI 
  4. Ousmane Dieng – 6-7 – France
  5. Caleb Houstan – 6-8 – Michigan (Canada)
  6. Kendall Brown – 6-6 – Baylor
  7. Payton Watson – 6-9 – UCLA
  8. Andre Jackson – 6-6 – UConn
  9. Micah Peavy – 6-7 – Texas Tech
  10. J.T. Thor – 6-9 – Auburn
  11. Trey Patterson – Villanova
  12. Yannick Kraag – 6-8 – Netherlands
  13. Abramo Canka – 6-7 – Italy
  14. Keon Edwards – 6-7 – Phoenix, AZ
  15. Lök Wur – 6-9 – Oregon
  16. Cam’Ron Fletcher – 6-7 – Kentucky
  17. Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe – 6-7 – OK State (Canada)
  18. William Jeffress – 6-7 – Pittsburgh
  19. Jabri Abdur-Rahim – 6-7 Virginia
  20. Alex Antetokounmpo – 6-7 – USA  
  21. Addison Patterson – 6-7 – Nevada