D.J. Wagner


POSITION: SGFROM: Camden, NJHT: 6-3WT: 165

Draft Notes

Son of Dajuan Wagner, D.J. is following in his father’s footsteps as a scoring machine that can get buckets on anyone. He’s lightening quick with the ball and excels at taking his man off the dribble and getting to the rim. He’s an early favorite to be a lottery pick in 2024 and has the potential to land in the top 3…he’s that good.

Wagner is already pushing 6-3 and might have another inch or two of growth in him. He’s a pure scorer who can fill it up from 3 levels and is very advanced for his age.

He’s got great ball handling about and a lot of shake. He’s got a lightening quick crossover and good burst with the ball and can get into the lane. His overall feel on the offensive end is very advanced. He knows when to take it to the rim, when to pull up from mid range or use the floater and when to dish the rock.

Wagner is clearly one of the top prospects in his class and will be fun to watch over the next couple of seasons on his way to the NBA.


  • NA

Draft Projection

lottery pick in the 2024 NBA Draft


2024 Shooting Guards

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