Nets Trade Mikal Bridges To Knicks For Massive Haul Of Draft Picks

The Nets did the right thing. Let’s be real, the Nets were stuck in no-man’s land and weren’t going to be competitive anytime soon. But a full rebuild was not a great option since Houston owned their 2026 first round pick (more below).

In trading away Mikal Bridges to the Knicks the Nets received four unprotected first round picks from the Knicks (2025, 2027, 2029, 2031) plus the Bucks first round pick in 2025, which was owned by New York.

In a separate deal the Nets got the Rockets to cancel their pick swap with the Nets for 2025 and the Nets got back their 2026 first rounder from the Rockets for a future Suns first (2027) and other draft considerations. All the details of these trades are still being sorted out.

Now the Nets can tank in peace with their eyes on the big prizes at the top of the 2025 and 2026 drafts. Those two classes are stacked with talent and there are a few franchise altering players in each class.

There were a number of other draft picks and swaps traded in these two deals, plus Bojan Bogdanovic going from the Knicks to the Nets, but the long and short of it is the Nets piled up draft picks and gave themselves the freedom for a full rebuild. Watch for them to make more trades in the coming hours/days and at the trade deadline this year.

The Knicks also did well in this deal, reuniting Mikal Bridges with his former Villanova teammates and putting themselves in title contention next season. This seems like a trade where both teams won.

As it stands now the Nets have the following future first round picks:

2025 Own
2025 via Knicks
2025 via Bucks
2025 pick swap (Suns, Rockets)
2026 Own
2027 via Knicks
2027 via 76ers
2027 pick swap (Rockets)
2028 Own
2029 Own
2029 via Knicks
2029 via Suns
2029 via Macs
2030 Own
2031 Own
2031 via Knicks

That’s some serious ammunition for a rebuild. Giving up Mikal Bridges was tough but the Nets are doing what they have to do. This is the way to go from mediocre to great. Now they just need to get some of these picks right.