Andrew Wiggins Scouting Report

NBA Draft Prospect Andrew Wiggins

6-8 – Small Forward – Kansas

Elite prospect with insanely high upside. Could be the second straight Canadian to go #1 overall in the draft. Has a lot of work to do on his game and his assertiveness but chances are he’ll be really, really good in the League.

Has perfect size and skill set for an NBA wing player. A long and athletic 6 foot 8 inch player who is very quick and agile, with excellent leaping ability and a quick first step. A natural basketball player from great bloodlines.

Has good court vision and despite being the best player on the court, is a willing passer and plays the game the right way. Sometimes too willing.

Understands all of the nuances of the game and has advanced offensive moves including a jab step, turn around jumper and good dribble drive with both hands. His best move might be his spin move, which he does with rare quickness and covering a lot of ground.

Has nice form, good elevation and deep range on his jumper. A very effortless shot which should continue to go down more consistently as he matures.

An exceptional rebounder who understands how to get into proper position and has great timing and leaping ability.  His second jump ability is off the charts and his length really shows in the lane.

A really good defender who can lock it down on the wing. Gets low to the ground and has very active hands. Good shot blocker and help defender.

Needs to add strength and toughness and develop the killer instinct needed to take over big games. Not a vocal leader and defers too much to less talented teammates.

Like most young players, needs to tighten up his handles. Can be too sloppy with the ball.

Doesn’t bend as well as you’d think for being such a good athlete. Doesn’t always seem smooth with the ball and seems to be still growing into his body and getting coordinated.

Projection: top 3 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft

by NBA Draft Room