Amen Thompson


POSITION: SGFROM: Overtime EliteHT: 6-7WT: NA

Draft Notes

Amen (along with his twin brother Ausar) is a high level prospect with elite level athleticism who has taken an alternative route to the NBA, playing in the Overtime Elite league instead of college. This complicates his evaluation a bit but it’s still clear that he’s a lottery level talent.

Amen has great size for a point guard, a crazy quick first step and explosive athleticism. He also has a high level feel for the game and is a great passer (who sometimes tries to do too much but plays an unselfish game and loves to find teammates).

For all his ball skills and passing ability the thing that stands out most about Amen is his ability to fly through the air effortlessly and play with his head at the rim. He’s got long arms and bounce and it can look like he’s playing on a 9-foot hoop. He also has tight handles and can break down defenders with the dribble, using his quick first step to get in the lane.

He has a lot of room for improvement as a jump shooter and this swing skill will determine if he’s an elite NBA player or just a solid NBA player. His 3pt shooting is a work in progress and he struggles from the FT line.

It would have been nice to see him play in the more structured and competitive landscape of a high major NCAA program but at the end of the day this shouldn’t do much to affect his draft stock.


  • Prospect Shawn Livingston
  • A bigger John Wall

Draft Projection

No.3-7 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft


2023 PG Rankings

  1. Scoot Henderson – 6-3 – G League Ignite
  2. Amen Thompson – 6-6 – Overtime Elite
  3. Anthony Black – 6-7 – Arkansas
  4. Cason Wallace – 6-3 – Kentucky
  5. Jalen Hood-Schifino – 6-5 – Indiana
  6. Jazian Gortman – 6-2 – Overtime Elite
  7. Mike Miles – 6-1 – TCU
  8. Jalen Pickett – 6-4 – Penn State
  9. Nadir Hifi – 6-3 – France
  10. Marquis Nowell – 5-8 – Kansas State
  11. Tyger Campbell – 5-11 – UCLA
  12. Bryce Griggs – 6-2 – Overtime Elite